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Are You Planning The Right Dates This October?


Are you tired of being a walking cliché, taking date after date out for dinner, and wasting your hard earned money?  Or perhaps you are just tired of meeting up for drinks, and running the same old meet and greet routine.

If you are ready to switch things up a bit, October is just the occasion to do so.  This month provides a wide variety of activities and events that are Halloween and Fall related, which other months simply don’t provide.  In this article we are going to discuss a few great dating ideas for the month of October. 

1.  Give your date a scare.

Now before you go out and do something crazy, I’m referring to a Halloween style scare, not an, “I’m super creepy and am going to make you wish you never dated again scare!”  During the month of October, there are a wide variety of scary movies in theaters, haunted houses open to the public, and other events of this nature.

Serving up a good scare on a first date serves two purposes.  One, it is thrilling and exciting.  Long after the date is over, your date will have the memories of having a good thrill with you, which is always a bonus. 

Secondly, providing your date with a good scare will likely leave her curling up on your arm for comfort and protection.  This is a fast way to increase the emotional and physical intimacy.  The more comfortable the both of you feel with each other, the more optimistic the future will look.

2.  Take your date pumpkin picking. 

First dates are all about getting to know someone.  Well Fall is a beautiful time of the year to spend the day outside, taking a nice long walk, and getting to know the other person.  Pumpkin Picking serves as the perfect background to do so. 

In addition to getting to know your date, you can extend the date by taking the pumpkins to a new location and carving them up with your date.  Make a game out of it and try to have some fun.  For example, suggest that you both paint each other’s faces on the pumpkin, without showing each other until the both of you have finished.   Then do so in an exaggerated and funny way. It will make for some good laughs when all is said and done.

3.  Hit up a few parties.

Halloween technically may only be one day a year.  But the parties often start a week in advance, and continue right up to Halloween night.  Figure out what is occurring in your area and attend a few parties.  Dressing up and having fun with it releases the kid in all of us, as we get to throw away those inhibitions for a day, and pretend we are someone else.  

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