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I'm not in the dating pool anymore. This revelation is well-documented and if you didn't know, now you know. However, I'm still a huge tech-nerd. I have more interest in flashing my Android's kernel than being flashed by Tits Magee. It's a sad state of affairs really, but I digress. Having a mind on tech and on this here bloggy blog, I've decided to share a few apps that I think are pretty damn good apps to square away ones dating life. That said, get your phones un-locked and loaded and head to your nearest app store you mangy bunch of tech groupies!

Getting Laid on the Go

  • OKCUPID – I know a lot of people who hate, with a healthy passion, OkCupid. I'm not, nor have I ever been one of them. It's how I met Taylor, y'know. I've always loved the site and their blog always spits out tasty morsels of data for the dating masses to consume. They have an app for both iPhone and Android. Both apps are slick and perform the necessary tasks you'd expect. You can message other singles, rate them, see your stalkers (so bummed they renamed it to “visitors”) and so on. When this first came out for Android, I was surprised how easy it was to lose time in the app. For instance, I found that I'd go through the ratings and just randomly rate women, while waiting. They're nothing super fancy, but each app just works and does well what it intends to, which is let you take your dating life on the go.

There are a number of things you can't do as @datehaterblog points out. For one, you can't block certain users from searches and such. There are a number of other things that it lacks. However, for a basic app for searching and messaging, I think the app does the basics well. However, I would expect a stronger showing from OkC.

Availability – iPhone, Android app
  • MATCH.COM – Yep, those clever little peeps at are in on the action, too! They have their own app as well. Now, I can tell you that I haven't actually used this app on any device as I'm not a paying Match member. My girlfriend would systematically obliterate me afterall with her blazing Thunder punch to the nads… It would not be pretty. The reviews on the product are average, with the largest complaint being the inability to edit your profile from your handset. Booo! If you're a paying member, it's probably best to avoid the apparent frustrations that this app seems to provide its loyal and paying customers.
  • Availability – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry (people still use blackberrys?)

Planning a Special Night With Your Date

  • Movie Night Out – This app came out a few months for iPhone and Android and I pretty much love it. As its title implies, it's all about centering your evening around a movie. The ‘find a movie' functionality is tops. But that's not the sweet spot for me. Personally, I freaking love the plan my night functionality. Sure, it's yet one more way technology is making us brain dead by destroying the need to be creative. Just let the app “do it!” Well, I did just let the app do it. It has me going to see Skyline (I chose ‘Fright Night'), then to Fast Frame to see an exhibit, followed by dinner at a local Eye-talian eatery. Not too shabby. Certainly this sort of app can help greatly reduce the occurrence of my favorite conversation: “Ummm, What do you wanna do?”
    Availability – iPhone, Android
  • Yelp – Oh Yelp! They had me at “Free Food for Elite Yelpers!” Oh did they ever!! Anyway, I've used this app so many times to find fun things to do and interesting places to go since 1910… A wee bit of an exaggeration, but still, I cannot overstate the importance of this app in my former single life and even more so now that I am in a relationship! For instance, I was supposed to meet a date for coffee, but the shop was closed!! I used Yelp to find what is possibly one of the coolest tea spots in Culver City: Royal Tea. Soooo yummy and sooo cool! What a great spot! Just the other night, my girlfriend and I were going to meet up with a buddy of mine for late dinner. He wanted different! No problem. We found a great Ramen spot in Little Tokyo.
    Availability –
    iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre

OMG! Get Me the F#CK Out of This Date!!!!

ditch a date app

Ditch a Date – When you don't have a reliable friend or relative to call you at a specific time during your shitty date, there's the Ditch a Date App for (BlackBerry).
The developer's description:

Need to get out of a date? We've brought together over 150 excuses that you can use to turn down a date request, or get out of a date once you're already there.

Why do we even need this app? Come on now! I mean, can't we just shove our date into the wood chipper ala Fargo? Illegal, you say? Well so is listening to hour after hour of cat stories. Gag me. Better yet, I'll throw myself in the wood chipper just to get out of the situation. Keep your crappy unrated app!

What are some of your preferred apps for managing your dating/romantic life? Share them below.

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I'm an app junkie and getting back into the dating scene so these will def. come in handy..especially the 'ditch-a-dater'. muhahha

    1. You're evil! =)
      I remember having to arrange for friends to call me at certain times in case I needed an "out." Personally, I think that still works better if you're trying to be undercover about your disdain for the person you're out on a date with.

      Thanks for the shout out!

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