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Save An Optimist, Give Honesty A Try

Image Credit sketchport.com One of the worst parts about online dating, or dating at all for that matter, is sifting through the pile of lies and misrepresentations you are handed by each potential new mate. Honesty seems to be an...

/ December 18, 2015

How Honest Are We?

You could hit me with a red flag and said, “I just hit you with a red flag,” and I still wouldn't take the hint that I was in a bad situation. I am a hopeful romantic. Red flags for me are...

/ December 2, 2014
relationship complicated

It’s Complicated….Really?

Ever met a great person you were mutually attracted to but one of you was already in a committed relationship? Crossed paths with a stranger you were naturally drawn to only to find out they are in a complicated situation....

/ October 10, 2013
Dating Anger

Dating Anger

I was out with a friend last night, talking about relationships, and the topic of anger came up. While we discussed various ways about how anger can manifest and cause trouble, I had a flashback to a woman I dated...

/ October 20, 2011

Ask the Urban Dater: How Do I Have the STD Talk With My Partner?

Welcome to another edition of “Ask the Urban Dater.”  This week's question comes from a lady with some great New Year Resolutions, Ms. JoobieBeans.  She asks, “Hello, the Urban Dater, how do you have the STD conversation with someone that...

/ February 10, 2010