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How to Keep the Conversation Interesting on a Date

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Whether it’s your first date, or a few dates in, or you’re spicing things up with a date night between you, there are topics and techniques to keep the conversation flowing. For example, when storytelling, try to get the length of your story just right (a few minutes long is about right,) as if it’s too short then you’re not creating the right effect and build up, and if it’s too long then your date might lose interest in what you’re saying. Here are a few ideas to liven up your conversation.

Topics and hints

One way of relaxing a potentially intense dating situation is to talk about your past funny experiences. There are many things you need to think about before embarking on this conversation. First thing is try to have a bit of an idea of what type of person your date is, if this is the first time you meet. Some people are easily offended whilst others have very different opinions on a sense of humour. Don’t talk about anything which is too embarrassing, as it could place you in very bad light, but also if you talk about a situation which is too safe then you may be in danger of boring your date. This is the perfect scenario to introduce your humorous side.

Interests are always a good topic of conversation, as your date will get to know you as a person better. For example, if you are into online gaming then you might want to talk about sites which interest you, such as Euro Palace, as you are able to keep up to date which the latest light-hearted new stories, and you are also able to post your ideas and opinions. You could talk about how you like a little flutter in Euro Palace’s online casino, included the games which excite you, and the wins you might have had, showing your thirst for life side.

You may love lots of things to do with entertainment, from creating music to watching films. If you are a bit of a film buff then there are lots of sites where you can have your opinion on the latest films, by leaving your movie reviews. If your date also enjoys watching films then you can talk to them about how actors play certain characters, or how you feel the story was portrayed. Try to find out what types of films they’re interested in, and then relate to those genres. If you both have very different tastes in movies then you may be in danger of alienating your date, so try to find some common ground.

What about talking about the last, or most interesting, holiday you’ve been on? You might have been skiing on the Finland/Russian border, or Genghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia, or Salsa dancing in Cuba. Whatever exciting or unusual holidays you’ve been on remember to stick to the story and not go off on a tangent on anecdotes which are about you and your friends, as your date will want to hear more about the activities, rather than the people they might not have met (yet!)

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