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The Island of Misfit Toys

I met a guy at the gym recently who said, “When you're single and over 35, forget it.  It's like you're on the island of misfit toys.” And it got me thinking… By the time we're 35, have we accumulated...

/ November 23, 2011
How to be a good Boyfriend

How to be a Good Boyfriend

Over the years, I've read many of the popular books on dating.  I've read books that teach women the rules, why I should be a bitch, and how to be married in 365 days.  (Really?  Should that be my goal?) ...

/ October 15, 2011
The Golden Rule and Platinum Rule

Breaking the Platinum Rule

I've never been the type to date and not care.  If I'm going to spend my time with someone, he's going to be a quality guy who I respect and admire, and I'm going to care about him.  So when...

/ September 23, 2011