A Case of Seduction

For years, and I'm not sure how many now, I was easily intimidated by women with strong personalities.  I felt that these women had something over me, that I didn't bring to the table what they brought.  Naturally, years later, I understood this; I understood that there was a great deal that I brought to the table; I wasn't just an awesome guy, but I had depth, smarts and motivation dammit!  Once I made peace with the my past ghosts, the ones that shackled my self esteem, I began to see things in a different way.  In particular, I began to see women in a different way… I learned how to seduce.Her name was Jane and she was someone that I had been talking to off of Yahoo Personals, the only site I have dished out money to in my dating career.  I don't say that proudly, mind you, it's merely a matter of fact.  Jane and I flirted non-stop and that, in and of itself, was a huge turn on for me.  She was very mentally engaging and she knew it; Jane was very confident and I liked that. A lot!  She was tall, blonde and athletic.  Typically I prefer brunettes and a darker complexion, which is something I mentioned to Jane a couple of times so that she wouldn't think that I was completely a push over to win over.

In our conversations, she made it known that she was in LA on her own, with no help from her family or friends, trying to make it in the big city, coming from Humbolt County, up North.  It was an inspiring story hearing how she put herself through school and then made the rash decision to move to LA.  I was even more impressed.  In the past, I may have checked out on this girl, that is, I may have become intimidated and faded out on her.  However, with a renewed perspective and self-love, I knew that this was the type of girl I wanted to meet.

After some back and forth on who was going to meet who and where, she agreed to drive out to meet me (yes, that was a little game I had played with her) in my neighborhood, which was about a forty minute drive for her, for our date.  She arrived and I walked out to meet her.  I saw her in the distance and she looked good, as we shared distant waves.  She was quite lovely, armed with an amazing smile, and a booty that was larger than her pics led on… Not to worry, however.  There's nothing wrong with a full trunk, people.

She commented on my height right away, amazed that I seemed taller than she thought.  I told her that she, at 5'9,” was shorter than I expected and I said so playfully enough (she was in heels, so she was around the 6ft mark, actually).  We went to Sushi at one of my favorite local spots; something I wouldn't necessarily do on a first date as Sushi isn't cheap, but I did want to impress this girl.  Jane motions over to a table to sit, but I suggest the Sushi bar, where all the action is, so we took up seats at the bar, after she agreed.

We each ordered up an Asahi.  Our eyes met over and over, as we sipped our beer and put down our edamame. Jane's first order of Sushi was a California Roll.  My internal dialogue gasped and rolled eyes at her.  What the hell was she ordering?  Only the safest item on the menu!  Sushi was her idea, I should mention.  Mentally, I deducted a point.  As we shared the roll, I mentioned that I thought she'd be more adventurous in her selection. “Oh, I tend to keep it non-fishy tasting with my rolls,” she explained.  “Don't you find that a little weird, given that you're at a Sushi place?  You just have Sushi because your friends at work go to Sushi, huh,” I asked.  I was actually surprised I asked this question, especially the way that I did.  It caught Jane off guard, noticeably.  She fumbled briefly, agreeing with my observation.  She tried to recover by telling me all the things that she does at her job and what she did to get here again.  I politely chimed in and reminded Jane that she had told me her story and that I remembered it very well and was impressed enough by her. I should mention that she was directing much of our conversation to this point and was more or less dominating the conversation as well. That is, up until I cut her off in the middle of her regurgitated life story.

That's when I noticed a break in our conversation, more specifically, in Jane, much the same way rain clouds give way to the Sun after days of downpour.  She saw that I wasn't in awe of her, I suspect, as I took up the lead in our conversation and directed it to other areas like religious inclinations, political banter, things that Jane didn't have much to say about.  I didn't push her on those topics, but I threw them out there to see if she would do anything with them.  She ordered a Sake Bomb… Our waitress kindly told her they didn't serve such a concoction, I should tell you the restaurant was a little old school and rather quaint, one of the reasons I adored it so…

Jane had calmed down quite a bit and I felt like I was well within my stride as we hopped from bar to bar, sharing childhood facts with one another, personal victories and defeats.

En route to another popular bar, we're waiting for a green light.  I look at Jane to ask her something, when she attacks my mouth with a kiss.  She was aggressive, for sure, pulling my face to hers; I liked it and we stood there, on the street corner, entwined with one another for what seemed an eternity kissing and holding one another on that chilly night.  After I pulled back, she grabbed my hand  and we made our way across the street when Jane confessed, “You know, I'm totally crushing right now.  I like that you cut me off; that you have something to say.”  Score.  My instincts were right.  She needed someone to take charge; to be in control and master her, so to speak.

More kissing ensued, more holding, fondling… I was enjoying this, but I wasn't going to ask her to go home with me.  SHE was going to ask and I knew it and, eventually, she did.  We headed back to my place.  Jane set her things down and took off her heels.  Our eyes locked.  Her hands on her hips, she smiled at me as she walked over to kiss me.  We kissed and played for a few minutes, when I mentioned I had a place more comfortable to engage in such dubious congress.  She merely nodded and kissed me again.  I directed Jane to my room.  She unbuttoned her shirt, as she did, it fell more loosely exposing, slightly, a wonderful pair of breasts.  Before I knew it she ran at me, jumped on me and wrapped herself around me, kissing me and squeezing me… Not just a playful squeeze mind you, she was intentionally trying to assert herself by causing some pain.  She pulled away and met my gaze, I was smiling, seemingly unfazed by her sexual advance.  Jane whispered, “That is so f*cking hot!” before kissing me again; I tossed her on my bed, naturally.  My ribs were going to give and I couldn't have this woman think she'd bested me!  Her skirt was the first thing to disappear, as we wrestled and became entangled with one another, each kiss and each grope becoming more intense than the one before it.  Her nails dug into me, I yanked a fist full of her hair in response, she gasped but I could feel her intensity and her heat was rising, as was mine.  Finally, I pinned Jane down and locked eyes with her once again, a recurring theme on our date; without saying a word, I made my intentions known, as the rest of her clothing vanished, as did mine.  She knew how to move.  Our bodies were in sync, in motion and in breath.  By the end of our stunk-man like activity, we were each sweaty piles of flesh; we were spent!  That's one of the great things about sex, when you're each laying there, spent and satisfied, snuggling and chatting.

Jane gasped, “You are such a f*cking horse!”

Yeah… I know.

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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  1. See, this is where I think I deviate from ordinary male thinkers: flirting to me doesn't preclude anything in my mind from either side of the coin doing it. It's just witty innuendo to me. Perhaps it's the inexperience of innocence speaking but I generally don't expect anything to come of it when I'm talking to a woman. One of these days maybe someone will prove me wrong?

  2. Ordinary male thinkers? You know, that is a whole other discussion I have? But that's another post I suppose.

    Flirting is a heck of a lot more than witty banter. Being able to flirt well is as important to me than a woman having supple breasts. I need a girl that can flirt. It's sexual subtext! Really.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Rooting the N1 on Android 2.1 =-.

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