What Do I Do About a Guy That Doesn't Text Me Back?

Welcome to another addition of “Ask the Urban Dater.”

Today’s question comes from Jessae Mae Sadie Marie Hawkins.  She asks:

“Why does a guy sometimes not text me back?  He sent me a text that said, ‘hello’ and I replied, but he never sent anything back.  Wtf?”

You know, we guys are a simple breed of animal. Food, water and some sex is all it takes to make sure we keep on keepin’ on. True story. =) What I’m trying to say is that when a guy doesn’t call or text back it’s not because he’s playing a game with your necessarily. Generally it’s because he’s become distracted. Combine this with the fact that us guys can also be inconsiderate and sometimes lazy; well, you don’t get your text message back.

It’s funny you ask, because the gal I’m seeing brought this very thing up to me. She asked me the same question. I answered it much how I’ve answered your question. Then she says, “Oh. So THAT is why you don’t return MY text messages, then?” Oh yeah, that was a land mine. I didn’t step on it, of course. She stated that she thought it was rude to not reply to her texts and was disrespectful. Okay, I could see her point and she’s right. Now I make an effort because I know how she feels about it… Sometimes people need a “wake up” call, because we don’t realize what they might be doing.

That said, tell the guy to stop being a wenis and return your texts, because he’s being inconsiderate/rude. If he cares, he’ll make an effort. Don’t be all up in his face or anything either. Just say something like, “You know, you could text me back when I text you. It’s kinda think it’s rude.”

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