5 Subtle Signs Your Date is Into You

Women are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dating.  If they aren’t interested in a guy that they meet online,
and don’t act interested, the guy accuses the woman of being a *insert your favorite expletive here*.  On the other hand, if a woman acts extremely nice, even when she isn’t interested in a second date, a man will often misinterpret these actions towards meaning that she likes him.

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It sure isn’t easy being a single man in the dating world these days.  So how do we know if women are really interested by the end of a first date?  Instead of focusing on whether or not women are nice to us, we should be focusing on the clues that they are giving us throughout the entire night.  Whether subtle or downright obvious, the clues are almost always there if you are paying enough attention.  In this article I am going to discuss a few signs that a woman is really interested in a second date with you.

1.  Her body language opens up.

Many women start off dates with very closed body language.  Their hands may be folded across their chest.  They don’t turn towards you while sitting at a bar.  They barely make eye contact.  These are all unconscious signs that they are not yet comfortable, or still making up their minds about whether or not they like you.

As the date goes on, if a woman is into you, this will all change.  She will slowly lean in towards you.  Her body will open up a bit and become more relaxed.  She will laugh and smile more.  Look for these changes.  Sometimes physical language can be much more revealing than verbal.

2.  She starts making physical contact with you.

I’m not referring to a kiss, or even a hug for that matter.  What I am referring to are small touches.  If a woman is into you, look for situations as the night goes on in which she touches you on the arm or thigh while making a point.  These touches may seem innocent, but they are of signs that your date is attracted to you.  Any touching initiated by a female is always an extremely positive sign.  A woman who has no interest, will not touch you. Period.

3.  She returns from the bathroom with a new face.

Did your date return from the bathroom with a fresh coating of lipstick on?  Is her hair suddenly in perfect form?  These are very good signs.  If a girl excuses herself and comes back after five minutes with a completely fresh look, it means she is probably wondering whether or not you find her attractive, and hopes that you do!

4.  She freshens up her breath.

If you are walking to your car and your date puts a piece of gum in her mouth, she is likely wondering about whether or not you going to kiss her.  Why is she wondering?  Because she wants you to kiss her!  Duh.  Take this as a sign that you have a clear green light to go for it.

5.  She sends you a text message after the date.

While not all women will do this, it is fairly commonplace these days to receive a thank you text once the date is over.  If she tells you anything along the lines of thank you, or I had a great time, she is more than likely ready for you to ask her out again sometime soon.  Just don’t wait too long to make that phone call.  With the competition online these days, the sooner you make your move, the better!

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