Love Quiz: Is He In Love With You?

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One of the most enjoyable phases of a budding relationship is the “Dating” part. It could be a lot of fun because men tend to put their best foot forward. The goal is to win a woman’s love. But, the dating part can also be a guessing game. You cannot really tell if he is just wooing you for fun, or plain flirting or it is really something serious.

Here is a love quiz for girls to find out if the guy is really in love with you:

1. How much does he give you compliments?

a. Always (as in even the smallest detail or sweet nothings he appreciates)

b. Most of the time (he is generous and vocal enough to give compliments)

c. Sometimes (only when I tease him about not being appreciative)

d. Rarely (only on special occasions or when he wants to make up for his misbehavior)

2. How long have you been exclusively dating?

a. 4-6 months

b. 3 months

c. 2 months

d. 1 month

3. How much do you know about each other?

a. Every little tidbit about him and vice versa.

b. Not everything, but you both have shared some very personal matters.

c. Just a few things that you prefer to share with him and vice versa.

d. Not so much because you are still getting to know each other.

interracial couple, couple kissing, PDA, romantic kiss, man and woman kissing

4. How does he treat you?

a. He treats you like a princess, and is willing to give you even the moon and stars.

b. He treats you like an equal or one of the boys.

c. He treats you like a best friend.

d. He sometimes treats you in a quite rude manner.

5. When you talk to each other, does he speak about your future together?

a. Yes, all the time.

b. Yes, sometimes.

c. Yes, but inconsistently.

d. He rarely talks about it.

6. If you ask him to accompany you or be with you, what is his reaction?

a. He cancels his entire schedule immediately.

b. He asks about the exact time and try to make a compromise.

c. He will come to you, but it will take some time.

d. He will make up an excuse not to be with you.

7. How long does it take to resolve matters when you have arguments?

a. It takes a few hours (not even half a day).

b. It takes a few days to reconcile.

c. It takes a long while before you speak to each other again.

d. It reaches a point that you have to be physically separated before reconciling.

8. What do your friends tell you about him?

a. They feel that he is your perfect knight in shining armor.

b. They feel that he is serious about you, but there could be someone better.

c. They would advise you to still be on the lookout.

d. They would say that he is definitely not the one for you.

9. What is his level of affection, especially when you are sick?

a. He would leave everything behind to take care of you.

b. He would do urgent things first, then attend to your needs.

c. He would check up on you occasionally.

d. He is quite afraid to be near you and get sick, too.

10. How does he get along with your family?

a. All my family members treat him like as if he is part of the family.

b. Your family likes him, but there are things they don’t agree.

c. Your family still feels some doubt about his sincerity.

d. Your family does not like him at all.

Know your Scores!

Score Equivalent:

A = 4 points                        C = 2 points

B = 3 points                         D = 1 point

In order to get your overall score, use the score equivalent above. Substitute a numerical value for every answer. Then, add them together to get the total score. Use the total score below to see which category your man belongs to:

0 to 10: He is DEFINITELY not into you. Do not expect anything from him more, and do not expect that he loves you.

11 to 20: He is GETTING THERE. He is trying to find his way to get to know you. But his efforts may still not be enough to prove that he loves you.

21 to 30: He is DEFINITELY SERIOUS about you. He could be weighing his options, but the feeling of love is certainly there. You both need some time before you decide that you are really for each other.

31 to 40: He sees the FUTURE WITH YOU. He definitely loves you. He is willing to undertake anything just to prove how much he loves you.

Your Thoughts

Love quizzes for girls are fun, exciting, and just a simple way of “decoding” your dating and relationship with the guy you like.  Do you agree with your results?

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