5 Rules for Dating in a Socially Connected World

Social Media dating rules
Social Media dating rules

Few uncomfortable truths about social media

It’s a boom time for social media now. With more than 800 million users in Facebook alone, and similar such staggering number of users at Twitter and other networking sites, social media world is rocking. You will find everyone who uses internet is having their accounts over different networking sites for both personal and professional reasons.

You can also see social media platforms playing their role in business promotion of not only the big brands but also small and medium size businesses. But amidst all the glamour and boom time, there lays some uncomfortable truths and hard facts about social media which you cannot afford to stay away for long. The following can be called as some of the uncomfortable truths, which you should know to deal when your journey becomes tough at social medial world:

Engagement over social media platform is time taking

Despite all hype about social media, make sure this platform is not a magic bullet. You will take some time to develop your positive profile, purposeful audience engagements and good amount of time to pull sizeable amount of traffic towards your website or blog. To deliver social media engagements, you require consistent efforts in your relationship building activity at substantial amount of time. So you cannot expect things fast or quick over these platforms.

Social media marketing never comes for free

Although few of the high profile social media platforms are available for free, however, sooner or later, you realize that it comes with a cost. The idea of social media marketing is certainly not free; you have to pay some price or the other. So it’s better you approach the social media as a sustained, serious and monitored way of your marketing, which is always considered to be the best.

You cannot call social media as direct marketing

You may find a couple of examples of some direct marketing activities on the social media platform. However, these are limited phenomenon; the big and successful brands never consider them for any direct marketing strategy. Big companies do not find the social media platform viable for direct marketing things. You can only adopt the ideas of broadcasting on social media platforms in short period of time till the people dwell over these places. The moment they are off, you also have to wind up.

Social media at times become uncomfortable

You may find social media engagements as pretty popular online marketing strategy since past few years but at times it can become very uncomfortable. You can find a number of serious and genuine people simply disliking it. It’s pretty obvious to see this kind of fallout happening some day or the other. People will be seen arguing and mudslinging against each other. You may find such grim situation, so make sure you remain conscious and prepared to face and control it.

Social media is not for all

Owing to the huge popularity of social media engagements, you may consider it ideal for everyone. But the fact is that it cannot be called as an ideal thing for everyone. You can find countless companies and businesses trying the same old monotonous, barren corporate talks over these platforms which they carry at other mediums. Such things may not be liked by a sizeable amount of people over the social media. Hence it is always advisable to hire any competent social media consultant. At least he will help you in losing your customers.

Have you faced such kind of uncomfortable facts about social media discussed above? If not then you will encounter some day or the other in future. It can be called as a daily struggle to manage things the best over social media. Social media can only work the best when the likeminded people with right attitude are brought in. These should be open, listening, and inclusive and giving in nature, otherwise, you may fall prey to the above tough situations over social media.

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