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The Art of Dating in the 21st Century

As I was sitting in a local dessert shop with my older sister and grandmother, we started to ask her how she and our late grandfather met seventy years ago. As she tells her story with stars in her eyes,...

/ October 31, 2017

Eleven Years a Date

I’ve been on the dating scene for a long time. My friends who are married or single but not looking, love to be regaled with stories about dates – the good, the bad and the ugly. After telling these stories...

/ October 2, 2015

Weddings and Social Media: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Yesterday morning I was sipping on my coffee and nearly dribbled on myself in disgust when I came across this garbage:  Now You Can Get a $3,000 “Social Media Concierge” For Your Wedding. So apparently the W Hotel is offering...

/ March 26, 2014
Social Media dating rules

5 Rules for Dating in a Socially Connected World

Few uncomfortable truths about social media It’s a boom time for social media now. With more than 800 million users in Facebook alone, and similar such staggering number of users at Twitter and other networking sites, social media world is...

/ April 7, 2012
Google Plus Urban Dater

the Urban Dater is on Google Plus and Unicorns are Fluffy and Soft

the Urban Dater now has a page on Google Plus. Is there any reason you should care? Nah, there's no reason to give two shits of a rat's patootie. However, we do play the social media games that keep us...

/ November 18, 2011
Complicated Relationships

When Did Dating Get So Complicated?

If you're anything like me, in your 30's, single, and ready to settle down, you might find yourself wondering… When did dating get so complicated? Remember what it was like 10 years ago? You met someone, you got along, you...

/ October 28, 2011
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Do Social Media and Online Dating Really Mix?

We've all been there: A long-term relationship sadly comes to an end. “The Talk” is followed by the separating of things, drunken get-your-mind-off-it escapades with friends, and—gulp—the inevitable Facebook status switch-a-roo back to “single.” It's in that moment that you...

/ June 8, 2011

What Will the Next Great Dating Site Look Like?

Some time ago I had the pleasure of participating in a conversation with the charming and brilliant Ross Felix, over at the Dating Revolution and one of his colleagues. The discussion was dating and mating sites (I call them mating...

/ January 7, 2011