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A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

Valentines Day Survival Guide

Oooh!  You're in trouble!!! Did you enter Valentine's Day with out a plan?  Are you up the proverbial creek without a paddle?  Well, we've got a few articles and some offers that might just help you out!.  So please, dear reader, read on and save your skin.

Valentines Day Survival Guide

That said, here we go!

  • How to have a V-day three way – A singles guide to getting “three way play.”
    As the link suggests, it's a guide to getting some three way play, so to speak.  So if you're single, or got someone special you want to experiment with then get this guide!
  • 10 Ways to Fail at Valentine's Day
    There are those of you who want don't want to fail at Vday.  Perhaps you are prone to fits of failure. This is a good guide for you.  What if you're that guy that's just a jerk?  You know that guy, he relishes the opportunity to stomp hearts and punches Cupid in the face regularly.  This guide serves the purposes of such a jerk as well.
  • Creative Valentine's Day Ideas
    Perhaps you're not a jerk, like me.  Perhaps you WANT to figure out something nice to do for your special someone on Valentine's Day.  Here are some creative ideas for that special day to make your special someone swoon… Er something like that.
  • Get Your Lady Something Sexy
    The good people at the Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar are offering the Urban Dater's readers a special off sexy clothing for Vday.  Get in  there and get something sexy for your lady… Or, um, your women's-clothing-loving-man… Ick.
  • Valentine's Day!!? Oh F*ck!!!
    If you're just reading this article, then shame on you good person.  You mean well, but you should probably read 10 ways to fail at Vday, listed above. Tsk Tsk.
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