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Love is a Battlefield.

Ok, maybe love isn’t really a battlefield, but it sometimes feels as though there’s a landmine field leading up to it! There are so many facets to attraction and then add in experiences and coping skills and there are a...

/ February 4, 2010

Should You be Getting Back Together With the Ex?

Breaking up can be hard to do, but once done it can be incredibly liberating and positive.  There are times when you look back and wonder if it was the right decision – second guessing your judgment.  Then there are...

/ December 1, 2009

Escaping a Bad Date

Online dating is very similar to a blind date. No matter if you have emailed and talked over the phone, there is no match for meeting someone in person. People can misrepresent themselves through email and even over the phone....

/ November 18, 2009