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Men’s Fashion Details Your Date Will Notice

No matter how loudly she says: “I never judge someone by their looks,” chances are, even if subconsciously, she does just the opposite. It’s a part of human nature- you're attracted towards things that please your eyes, rather than ones that don’t. It's as simple as that. With that in mind, how can we be sure that we'll catch our date's eye? How can we make a lasting impression? Or more importantly, how do we make sure we nail that first impression?

I know a thing or two about fashion and I write a lot about it over on the Idle Man. Go check it out. But first, let's see about making you an eye-catchin' and smooch stealin' kind of guy. We may not get you to the level of a Justin Trudeau, but we'll get you close to Mr. PM Steal Yo Girl.

  1. Wear Your Best Shoes.
    The kind of shoes that you wear may very easily make (or break) your entire outfit. Unfortunately, many of us focus all of our energy trying to match the shirt with its perfect trousers and just leave the shoes for the last moment. A random pick of whatever’s right in front of us. However, research shows that one of the first things women notice about men’s fashion are shoes. If you’ve shown up on your date wearing yesterday’s joggers with varying stains on them- how did you prioritize the date? Does it mean nothing to you? Chances are she spent days planning the perfect outfit, especially her shoes, so seeing you wearing dirt laden clothing won’t really make a good impression.
  2. A Classic Watch
    Picture a James Bond poster with Daniel Craig flaunting his watch. No, you don’t have to be Daniel Craig or wear a watch that expensive. But you get the point, right? Not only will a classic watch set you aside from the other boys roaming around with their weird neon-coloured timepieces, but give the impression that you're someone who’s truly classic- in style, and in manners. Don’t just take out your phone to see what the time is!
  3. Tuck in Your Shirt
    Believe me, when we say this, there’s nothing more flattering than a freshly ironed shirt that’s been neatly tucked in. If it’s a dress shirt, perfect. But even if you don’t wish to appear too formal then go with a simple polo shirt instead, tucking it in makes a huge difference. You come off as a more sophisticated personality than one that just simply doesn’t bother and lets his shirt hang loose.
  4. Dress Right for The Winter
    Wearing your oversized leather jacket with silver studs and cowboy boots won’t really win her over if she’s looking for someone to lead a stable future with. In fact, dressing up like the perfect boy-next-door can never go wrong. And what better season than winter? You want to look as cozy and huggable as person (you never know when your lucky stars decide to shine.). Don’t wear something that comes off as cold and hard from the outside, even if it’s your warmest puffer jacket. Instead, go for something that’s much more softer, perhaps wool?Pro tip: wearing a nicely fitted half jumper over a collared shirt is just, well, too classic to go wrong.
  5. Wear the Trousers that Fit Your Correctly
    Don’t wear overly tight trousers or jeans. It works well for your date, in her skinny jeans and high cut waist, but a definite no for you. There’s nothing worse than having your date walk over with his parts a LOT more prominent than required. No arguments, women do tend to fall for a nicely toned body. You’ve worked hard at the gym, why not show it off? But not in pants that trace every inch of your legs. No, no and no.

So here you have it, your perfect guideline for a perfect date. Thank us later!

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