Better Sex – It May Take Time

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Sex is clearly more important to some people than others. Likewise, the quality of the sex is of differing importance amongst couples. And to complicate matters further, what actually constitutes good sex?

Good sex should not be confused with the regularity of sex. Indeed many couples think that they have a great sex life if they do it a few times a week, or even daily. What is good for some may not suit others. Then, of course, there is the section of people who demand – If not crave better sex.

One example of this may be the guy who goes to the pub every night, comes home late, has his supper then climbs on his good lady for a few minutes of grunting. He may well think that he has a great sex life, after all, he is getting his relief. But what about his nearest and dearest who may be wanting so much more from her bed sessions.

She may well be sat alone each evening while he is perfecting his darts skills, reading erotic novels online, or chatting with her friends about how he comes home drunk and almost abuses her. The guy may be in the pub boasting about what a high sex drive his lady has. Somewhere in between, there has to be a solution to keep both sides happy, and this will take some work.

The guy above may as well be using the services of an escort to get his quick relief. After all, there isn't much passion involved. That's not to say that escorts don’t offer passionate experiences.

A GFE escort – or Girlfriend Experience escort will offer her guy all the perceived loving benefits of a hot new girlfriend. Holding hands, kissing and cuddling etc before jumping into the final act.

This escort service is potentially an excellent place for a guy to start gaining some real-life experience and if you have never booked an escort before then a great place to start would be Chicky Escorts.

So, how to have better sex with your partner. Men and women generally do want and like different things generally. Buy your partner a set of new drill bits on Valentines Day and expect to be in the spare bedroom for a few days. Likewise, if she came home with an exciting gift for you which turned out to be a ‘teach yourself crochet' book – enough said.

But getting the best sex starts with the little things. Take her a box of chocolates home unexpectedly. After accusing you of having an affair she will eventually believe you when you tell her that you love her and do care.

Rekindle the romance and she will respond beyond your expectations. Likewise, when you do get into bed together try something a little different. A long slow gentle massage will certainly get her in the mood. But don't dive into her exciting parts just yet.

Caress and tease her, slow the process down and make her hungry for you. The anticipation is often as good as the act itself so make sure that you take your time.

When you do come to the acton part of your evening try things a little differently to normal. Maybe touch her in a different way, see how she responds. Some things she may not give much feedback on, others you will be instantly aware that she loves what you are doing to her.

Make mental notes for future reference and aim to perfect your skills. Aim to give her all of the pleasure and forget about yourself. Don't worry, she will repay this pretty quickly.

Achieving better sex is about exploring and doing things a little differently until you both find what you really like together. Doing the same things over and over will not improve the quality of sex, and can become repetitive and predictable. Keep things fresh and exciting.

Treat her to some sexy underwear to wear on a night out – and no not at the darts match, somewhere romantic, and you are making very good progress. A few compliments along the way and things will really be looking up for you.

Keep the romance alive, keep her interested and flattered and the sex will get better and better.

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