4 Ways Men Over 40 Can Improve Their Sex Life

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As men grow older, they face many problems. A decreasing libido and erectile dysfunction (ED) are increasingly becoming prevalent in this regard. These may threaten their relationship with their partner and negatively affect their mental health. Individuals suffering from such sexual problems should actively discuss them with their partners or counselors for better and healthier sex life. Here you can find more about different ways men over 40 can improve their sex life.

Consider Sex Therapy 

Sexual issues usually stem from emotional problems. Men's commitment to work, marriage, and family may influence their interest in sex. As a result, they start to experience low libido in bed. Men above 40 also face erectile dysfunction, which is growing increasingly common. As a result, their sex drive naturally decreases, and they cannot perform actively. 

Sex therapy for both men and women can considerably help treat sexual issues. Understanding the underlying cause can help save your relationship and help you recover your libido. ED is also known to stem from psychological reasons that therapy can treat.

Get Medication 

Oral drugs are a prevalent treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a popular oral drug that counters ED. Viagra helps with temporarily developing erections by enhancing blood flow to the penis to facilitate an erection. Viagra and similar medicines should only be prescribed by the doctor after a medical checkup. This is because they increase blood pressure and could be dangerous for people with heart diseases. 

Interestingly, Viagra was initially being researched for treating vascular problems; however, after no visible changes, it was adopted as an oral drug to counter the effects of ED. There are many misconceptions about Viagra. One of them is that it will increase your sex drive. This is not true as drugs like Viagra will only help you get an erection; sexual stimulus is all on you.

Get a Checkup 

Vascular problems such as hypertension and high blood pressure can cause erectile problems. Going to a doctor is prudent as problems in sex life may be symptoms of something much worse. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you get your blood pressure in control. Check what you eat. High fat and calorie food will increase the risk of vascular problems and ED. 

Communicate With Your Partner 

Communication between partners is the key to solving sexual issues. A low sex drive does not only concern you but your partner as well. Therefore set out some time aside to talk to your partner about what could be the problem so that you may work together to overcome the difficulties that present themselves in bed. 

Men who have ED also get embarrassed to talk about their condition. They question their masculinity and get depressed, avoiding talking about it with their partner for fear of not being accepted. As a result, they isolate themselves and cannot maintain their relationship. Try communicating with your partner and consider getting sex therapy together. This may help you overcome sexual issues. 


You do not have to deal with low sex drive in your 40s. Societal norms have made it difficult to talk about sexual issues one faces with age. However, as time goes on, people have become more accepting of the fact that sexual problems are normal. We should promote healthy discussions about these prevalent problems so that everyone can lead a fulfilling life.

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