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Better Sex – It May Take Time

For part 1 in this series don't forget to check out our previous article on the topic of better sex. Sex is clearly more important to some people than others. Likewise, the quality of the sex is of differing importance...

/ February 21, 2019
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What is the Difference Between BDSM and Abuse?

First of all, while I come not to praise Fifty Shades of Grey, neither do I come to bury it. The bashing and dissecting of its prose style and its depictions of D/s relationships have already been done, sometimes to...

/ February 27, 2015

The Dynamics of Sexual Tension

When I meet someone I have a pretty firm idea of their sexual energy, be the person a man or a woman. That is, I know if they are comfortable with their sexuality. It’s true! I have met a good...

/ February 23, 2011

Formspring Question-Palooza Roundup

We here, at the Urban Dater, like to experiment. Sometimes we have sex with inanimate objects, or put our genitalia in electronic outlets and toggle the power switch (that sounds like a fun lil' euphimism). Actually, I can only speak...

/ November 22, 2010

the Little Black Dress

If I am Super Man then the Little Black Dress is undoubtedly my Kryptonite, rendering me into a state of enervated goo. It's quite a pathetic site really. However, I cannot help this; I'm genetically predisposed to be wooed silly...

/ September 2, 2010