The Adult Toy Box: Essential Items that Keep Relationships Hot


What you find inside a toy box is normally associated with fun and games and if you keep an adult toy box in the bedroom then you should have some items in it that are almost guaranteed to keep the temperature levels high and the relationship hot.

Here are some essential items to consider stocking up with.


A common misconception is that a vibrator is a ladies best kept secret but sharing the pleasure and excitement with your man is a great way of spicing things up in the bedroom. A vibrator is a great idea to use in foreplay and many of us definitely do not mind sharing their favourite toy with their partner as it opens up a whole new area of sexual exploration for both of you. Men like to learn how to get the most of out of your vibrator, what speeds are best and where to tease, and there are models that you can get that are even used during intercourse if it takes your fancy.

Massage oils

What’s not to like about a sensual massage?, and using some really nice sensual oils to explore each other’s bodies is a great way to slowly build your way up to a great night of sex. There are a number of different oils that you can stock up on, some which apply some mild heat to really warm you up and increase your arousal or maybe one that gently tingles as your partner massages the oil into your skin. Men have finally woken up to the fact that a long sensual massage where they take their time to explore your body with sensual oils, will often be rewarded with a hot and steamy session to follow, once you are really in the mood.

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