How to Create an Intimate Moments Using Your 5 Senses

With so many deterrents in a fast-paced life, sometimes sex becomes that thing yearned for but infrequently actualized. So, when the time is finally right, why not get animalistic? Not (necessarily) wild and out of control, but most animals tend to use all of their senses when they are mating. Explore ways to make sensual more senses-centered by stimulating and enticing all five senses in the bedroom.


Vision is the dominant human sense and arousing it in efforts to set the mood for lovemaking should not be taken for granted. Women and men are equally stimulated by erotic images – whether it be in a pornographic movie or suggestive pictures in a magazine.

Making love, in the dark, means you cut off a sense of perception which could significantly increase the intensity of the act. Let your lover admire you and your body — the way you stand or the way you lay across the bed, or the way you look in that sexy underwear you got on Valentine's Day.

You may want to reconsider complete darkness as the backdrop and go for a warmly lit room with candles. However, while a candlelit setting can be romantic, it can go horribly awry if you're careless. So, you might want to consider having your man install that dimmer switch instead.


As the oldest human sense, smell triggers memories and attracts or repulses people. You can recreate the season you and your partner met by wearing that old familiar perfume. Create new mental triggers and memories by introducing a new smell that your lover will forever associate with the beauty of the senses-centered experience you are creating.

Your partner will also enjoy the scent of a home-cooked meal meeting the nostrils upon entering the home. It can bring about feelings of gratefulness. Or you can try burning scented oils — it’s a good way to address the sight and smell senses in one single shot.


The soundtrack of your night does not necessarily need to be sex-driven melodies streaming lyrics like Mariah Carey's “Touch My Body” with thighs around your waist or Madonna's sensuous “Justify My Love” with need me, want me. You can set the night to music with a playlist of songs from your lover's favorite artist or play songs you both enjoy, which will support the fantastic night you are creating.

Communication is vital to the success of any relationship. When you are in a romantic relationship, the requirement does not dissipate at the approach to sexual intimacy. If anything, the communication between you and your lover should be more defining as to likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. Perhaps you and your partner will enjoy exchanging erotic utterances whispered into each other's ears or moaned out loud to express enjoyment. If you stay within the moment, it could be a complete turn on and fun.


As humans, from the time we are born, we have a need for physical contact. The absence of touch can cause developmental issues in some babies and a person to feel stressed and depressed. Find ways to initiate contact with your partner. Explore your lover's body with your hands.

One approach to incorporate touch is through the use of reflexology. It involves the application of force to certain areas of the feet, ears, and hands to relax and take away the stress ideally. For the benefit of yourself and your lover, keep in mind that stress and tension must be absent to enjoy an excellent sexual experience.

Hugs that have an extended duration given throughout the day, if possible, could lead up to extended stays in the bed later on in the day. Inconspicuous squeezes of the behind are flirty and exciting if you are in public and do not want to get caught being frisky. You may also want to familiarize yourself with your partner's sensitive spots to make sure you give them just as much attention.


The sense of taste has been part of the survival of humans. In the context of the species evolution, it has become closely connected to human emotions. Comfort foods are a prime example of how taste can trigger certain feelings – in this case, pleasure and comfort. Then there are the aphrodisiacs, linked to sexual stimulation and arousal of libido. Due to their psychoactive and psychologically suggestive attributes, certain foods have gotten associated with an enhanced sex life.

Some aphrodisiacs may have no effect or at least not the intended effects on the hormone level or sexual energy and may very well be merely a placebo. At the very least, you and your partner can enjoy different, fun ways of eating nutritious foods or feeding them to one another. The dessert after your delicious meal could be your lover nibbling on your ear or licking your lips; enjoying the taste of each other's body can and should be more enjoyable than a rich dessert.

To Finish Off…

If you want to create a night of passion that incorporates stimulation for all of the senses, all you need is a little effort and imagination. As an example, you burn some candles to create warm lighting for your place. Have some appropriate mood music playing in the background. Have something on the TV that is erotic but have the volume on mute. Spray on your lover's favorite scent and be sure your partner gets a good whiff as you greet with a long, warm hug and gentle caress.

There you have it! A five-course mood is set. You successfully orchestrated a night that utilizes the influence and perception of all the senses for a sensationalistic sexual experience you both will enjoy.

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