What a Difference a Party Makes

It was clear these zombies were meant to love each other

Indeed. What a difference a party makes. A couple years ago I was in a relationship with a different woman. She was a good woman, make no mistake, however, it was clear that we weren't working out (it was our second try, you see). It was on Halloween, in 2008, when I broke up with my ex. The day after my Halloween party. If it hadn't been clear enough before the party, it was certainly clear enough during the party that I needed to end things and so I did; I like to force the action after all. I've learned a few things though, since that breakup, things I've been really thinking about…I threw another Halloween party this year and it was a blast. Many thanks to my friends who came to celebrate, Urban Dater Style (Urban Dater Style is defined as random nudity, peeing in the pool, local police breaking up the party, random people passed out on the roof of condo)! It was a good time and I was able to have fun. I was able to have more fun because of my partner in crime, my girlfriend. It's true, but please don't tell her. She'll get a big head and call me cutesy nicknames and I simply can't handle that shit right now! Okay. Moving along.

My girl was all over the place, talking to people, socializing, baking cookies… She was being a total babe. Really. Now, I'm not one to make comparisons, because it's unfair. However, I couldn't help but notice what a difference this relationship has made. It was really nice to have someone there who “had my back” and made sure people were being entertained and fed, so that I could do everything I needed to do. It was nice to be able to go out and do all the little things I needed to do before the party knowing that my gal was handling stuff at home, like making sure things were cleaned up and decorated. I told her: “Hon, I owe you a lot of coitus.” She pretty much frowned and face-palmed me. No less than what I deserve for saying “coitus,” I suppose… sigh.

Was captain america at your halloween party?

That previous Halloween party with the ex? She hung with her own crew the whole time, she didn't bother with my friends or even the friends we did have in common. I didn't even talk to her the whole night, before she passed out in my bed… next to another gal who also passed out… That's when I knew I had to end things.

It's crazy to me, that this feels so “normal.” What I mean by that is over years I've come to expect a certain level of return with women I've dated… So when my girlfriend constantly shatters my expectations I'm truly blown away and so, so appreciative. I'm a lucky guy to have met an awesome gal. Really.

To my girlfriend, if you're reading this… Well, this guy kinda loves ya. A lot. Thanks for everything. I couldn't have written this post without you. Believe the hype! =)

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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  1. I love your girlfriend, too! I also love that I've finally made it into a picture on your blog standing next to _______! Fan-mother-trucking-tastic! (Ok, I'll put away the exclamation points now)


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