Setting Up A Great Proposal

Every relationship has certain memorable and important moments that mark different steps you take with your partner. For some, the first of these moments might be the first date, or the one month anniversary, or even the first kiss. After that, there are any number of important milestones that can come up, from birthdays and holidays together, to various anniversaries and vacation trips together. In some cases, introducing your partner to your family can even be one of the biggest steps taken. But above all else, there is one milestone that stands out as the most significant, as it truly takes a relationship to the next level: the proposal.

No matter how many big moments come before you become engaged, your relationship will always be classified as “dating” until that point. Dating is wonderful, and there are certainly couples who are not engaged who are very serious and very much in love. However, advancing from “dating” to “engaged” solidifies you and your partner as something permanent, with intention to last forever, and this is of course a very meaningful distinction in most relationships. This is why it is so important to make the proposal a memorable and romantic experience in itself, as it symbolizes the beginning of a deeper relationship.

One of the most important things for getting a proposal just right is to tailor it to your individual partner. We all see a lot about “perfect proposals” on television or in romantic comedy films, and because of this most people have at least a vague idea of what is expected. However, try not to get lost in the Hollywood expectation of a proposal. Instead, try to figure out a way to make the experience special and memorable for you and your partner as an individual couple. This may involve a special gift, a particular location, or anything else that stands out as uniquely personal and romantic.

Additionally, as proposals nearly always involve diamond rings, another very important thing to get right is the ring selection itself. While your partner will likely be thrilled at any ring, as the engagement is really what matters, you should still do your best to pick out a ring that suits your partner and symbolizes your devotion. For this, you may want to do some advanced searching and shopping at a place like 77-Diamonds where you can really get a feel for the amount of variety that exists in diamond engagement rings. There are actually far more options than most people think when it comes to settings, stones, and styles of rings, and looking into this in advance can help you to come up with the perfect ring. At this point, you may be prepared for the perfect proposal!

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  1. I really liked this blog! I couldn’t agree more. So many times people are caught up in the “Hollywood” expectations as you stated and will inevitably be let down. It’s so important to gear such an important event around the individuals’ personalities.. something that means the world to that couple. Those are the memories that will last a lifetime. I found some great, REALISTIC ideas here and thought I’d pass it along:

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