6 Tips for Staying Healthy in Your Relationship and Thriving Together

It’s quite demanding to stay healthy today with so many commitments and constantly rushing from one thing to the next thing. But, there are ways to change your life for the better and adopt habits that are beneficial to you both.

In a relationship, you share the good and the bad with your partner making your bond stronger and nurturing. Well, the same applies to staying healthy in your relationship and thriving together since you will give each other a boost. This mutual support will encourage you to finally say goodbye to bad habits, get in shape and spend quality time together.

Be active together

Spending time outdoors is good for both mental and physical health, but also it will give you a chance to spend time completely with each other. Go running together in the park or on walks after dinner around the neighborhood. If there is a national park nearby, go on a day-long hike or ride a bike while having a picnic on the hilltop overlooking the whole area. During winter, you can go swimming together at the local pool or play tennis and squash in the enclosed fields.

Active holidays are very trendy so book a destination that is full of wonderful landscapes to explore on hiking tours. Moreover, you can try some extreme sports together as well like skydiving and paragliding, or simply try something new like rollerblading or surfing. Basically, no matter in what kind of shape you are currently in, there is a myriad of activities you can do together and not only improve your health but also have fun.

Share a hobby

A hobby is a great way to spend time together and stay healthy in your relationship. They are exciting and important for thriving together through learning new skills and creating. You will both learn more about each other or discover new interests together that will make your relationship flourish and be stronger.

Dancing is the most common hobby with couples, although other activities are catching up like gardening and bowling. Playing video games and blogging is popular among the younger couples although there is no age limit when it comes to these two. You can read the same novel and make your little book club or join the real one and participate in discussions with others. Playing board games, cards and Yahtzee is something you can include your friends and family in, or play just the two of you.

Don’t bottle up your emotions

Hiding emotions from each other leads to stress and creates a strain on the relationship. Furthermore, it can lead to sleeping problems, eating disorders and depression which can seriously affect your health. The best solution for this is talking.

Confide in your partner and tell them about your worries, problems, and thoughts. And do the same for them. Have a heart-to-heart with each other and just listen to each other. Create a safe zone where you can both express yourselves without being judged or criticized. Sometimes, all a person needs to feel better is a sympathetic ear and understanding.

Eat healthy together

Food has a pivotal role in human life. It gives energy and nutrients necessary for the body to function properly, as well as plays a part in weight management. These are all the reasons while you should eat healthy although that is sometimes really tough to do. Lack of time to prepare meals and buy fresh ingredients makes people choose easier ways to feed like fast food or skipping breakfast.

There are many ways to deal with this and start eating healthy if you partner up. You can order healthy meal plans like My Muscle Chef so you don’t have to cook after work. For breakfast, make delicious smoothies or share the preparations so you both will have enough time to get ready and eat together. When it comes to grocery shopping, make a list and go to the store together which may be an unconventional date but you will have time to talk and hash out your day.

Be each other’s fitness buddies

Regular physical activity is an important factor in a person's health but not the easiest one to start with. However, with a buddy system, everything is easier and partners can give each other boost, inspiration, and support necessary to stay fit and healthy with fitness. The best way is to start small and exercise at home first to get used to this type of obligation.

Yoga is perfect for couples since it doesn't require a lot of room and will give you both a good stretch for the day ahead. If you decide to go to the gym, you can encourage each other when it gets tough and always be there as a support to continue exercising. Since your partner is someone you don't want to disappoint that will give you a boost to stay on course with the workout and don't quit.

Kick-off bad habits together

Bad habits like smoking or sugar can take a serious toll on your health. Heart problems, diabetes, and cancer are only some of the serious conditions that are caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle. But, bad habits are not easy to kick off and people who do can easily relapse. However, having a partner is a wonderful way to quit vice you have and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, you should both kick off your bad habits at the same time and be each other's support through a tough time. For example, if your partner is longing for a cigarette, take them for a walk to boost the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin. Always remind each other how good you are doing and even prepare presents for the smallest of milestones to celebrate your strength and determination.


Staying healthy in your relationship and thriving together is good for the couples on an individual level as well. It will build confidence, self-esteem, and self-image thanks to positive effects on your body and mind. That way you will be a better partner, as well as grow as a person and improve yourself.

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