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Online Dating – Is Romance Dead

10-22-2013 11-03-39 AMOnline Dating – Is Romance Dead?

Remember the days when you’d look up to find a handsome stranger making eye contact with you across the room? Perhaps followed by a smile? The importance of body language was paramount when casually searching for potential partners. Nowadays the internet and online dating has changed all the rules. More and more people are swapping a glance across the room for a click of a mouse and romance is being somewhat eroded away with it.
Whilst online dating has its place and certainly works for a great deal of people for us romanticists it’s just not enough. The biggest fear most people have when meeting people in the real world is the fear of rejection. The internet has done away with that fear meaning if people don’t get a response from someone when online dating they can simply move on to the next person without their ego being bruised.

Online Dating Mark
It all comes down to confidence. Online dating is encouraging us to sit behind a computer screen rather than pluck up the courage to go and speak to someone we’re attracted to in real life. Internet dating also gives you a false confidence and you will perhaps say things that you wouldn’t normally say. This can be very dangerous as when the online relationship becomes an offline one you may suddenly find you lack the confidence you had when sat on your computer. It’s also all about chemistry. Whilst a computer program might be great at matching your likes and dislikes it is only one part of the puzzle. Without chemistry the relationships isn’t going to work and no computer program in the world can account for that.
The rules of online dating are certainly very different to traditional dating. Those who engage with social networking, online dating, chat rooms and forums create their own rules and social norms for the digital space. These rules tend to be much freer than the rules we all live our everyday lives by and what is acceptable in the digital world is very different to what is acceptable in the real world.

Is Traditional Dating Boring?

Perhaps people are going online because traditional dating is boring? Let’s face it; the most popular dates are restaurants, bars and the cinema – hardly inspired. Perhaps dating has lost its magical touch and that heart flutter is becoming all too rare. Maybe it’s time for us all to be a little more creative when it comes to dating and take some risks. Dating should not be about playing it safe to risk embarrassment it should be about going the extra mile to impress.

All in Good Time

Dating nowadays is like a carousel. If they don’t immediately fit the bill then log on and find a new online dating partner. Long lasting relationships come from really getting to know each other and finding out what makes each other tick. That’s not to say that you should keep going on dates if you’re sure the persons is not for you but if there’s a spark however small, don’t give up too easily. You never know they could just be the one!

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  1. well i think this is TRUE but sometimes some people have chemistry when their on dating sites

    i think that it stills really depends on the person.

    online relationship to real life relationship can either be true or fake !

    thank you again :))

  2. Honestly – yes. Traditional dating is boring. Its much easier to just find people online and from there discover more about them. I would rather have a summarized version of what the person is about then have to nervously dance around the questions I want to ask. Much more efficient!

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