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Fit and in Love-14 Reasons to work out as a couple

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Working out can be a very fun and beneficial activity for couples to do together. There are many great aspects of these joint exercises that will simply make your relationship bloom. These 14 reasons for joint couples' exercises, will most definitely convince you to grab your loved one's hand and start your joint fitness journey together as soon as today. 

Spend quality time together

Working out together is one of the best ways for you to spend some quality time with your significant other. There are many different exercises that you can try together. For instance, you can go jogging, ride bikes, or take turns spotting weight reps. Also, you can always try testing your limits by making the exercises harder as you progress. You can do the Talk Test as well and see whether you are able to hold a conversation with ease even while doing exercises. 

Constant motivation

Couples who engage in fitness together are shown to stick to their exercise plans. Let’s face it. One of the hardest parts of workouts is getting yourself up and feeling motivated to actually do the exercises. And since constituency is the key, you need a lot of motivation to keep going. Well, by working out together you will be giving each other that very much needed motivation. If you live together, that’s even better. Be each other’s emotional support. Cheer for each other and stay fit and healthy together. 

Improve the efficiency of your workouts

It has been proven by many experiments that people tend to have a much better ability to do an activity in someone else’s presence. You might already feel competent enough, but bringing along your romantic partner will most definitely help boost your energy output even more. The presence of your partner during a workout session will improve your speed, and you won’t even notice the influence they are making on you. This is one of the best ways you can make sure you are getting the best out of your exercise. You’ll try much harder to accomplish your goal and you’ll end up feeling more satisfied with the results. As already mentioned, this will only additionally motivate both of you to keep working out. 

Be happier in your relationship

Working out stimulates endorphins, the happy chemical, and helps our brain produce more dopamine. So, working out together will help both of you increase your endorphin levels. Working towards a joint fitness goal will not only make you feel more satisfied and proud of yourself, but it will also make you happier in your relationship. This routine that you create together will help you build a happier relationship. Joint exercising is also great because it creates a very calming atmosphere in which you feel like you're connected. It allows you to fall into pace with each other, match your breathing, and find a shared rhythm. This will allow you to get more in sync with each other and make you deepen your emotional connection. It also creates a sense of commitment and security in the relationship.

Healthy Competition

Also, another great aspect of working out together is creating a healthy dose of competition. When you work out together you obviously want to show off your skills. So, in a way, joint exercises will push you to try your best and stay consistent.  And showing off your skills doesn’t have to be negative. By doing so, both of you can learn something new from each other.


Stress comes from many different everyday responsibilities, work, friends, family, and even the person you love. Endorphins we already mentioned above get released during workout routines and help improve your mood, decrease tension and help you have a more restful sleep. Working out regularly can help you take your mind off of things that stress you out. By working out together you can release that joint tension you might have together. If you argued about something recently, working out will help you clear your mind and help you resolve the problem you are having more easily. The last thing you want is to take your stress out on the person you love. So, work out together and all of your worries will be gone. 

Maintain attraction with each other

Now, this one doesn’t necessarily mean that the outside beauty matters more. However, both of you might have an ideal body that you want to reach. So, by working out together you will be able to reach these goals together. And since every relationship starts with at least a little bit of attraction, becoming your best self through regular fitness, both physically and mentally, will make your partner fall in love with you even more. That’s mainly because you show them that you are willing to work on yourself no matter what.

Less Risk of Injury

Believe it or not, but working out together can prevent injuries. If you exercise together, you can help each other during the workout. You can monitor each other's position of the back in a plank, tell each other if you are leaning too far down when doing the squat, or warn each other about the incorrect position of hands in some exercises that can cause you to hurt your wrists. This, as you might have guessed, can reduce the likelihood of getting injured for both of you. In the gym, you can always use mirrors for this, but you can't really rely on them completely. 

Grow younger together

While we can’t stop time and reduce our actual age, exercise can actually help us decrease our fitness age. In other words, it can not only make us appear younger, but it can actually make our heart endurance stronger. This can help us live a longer and healthier life. No matter when you decide to start working out regularly, exercise will still help you improve your fitness age. You can calculate your fitness age and use it as a guide to determine which exercises are good for you, which ones you need to change or improve and which ones are bad for you. By doing so, you and your partner will quite literally grow young together. 

Use creativity and branch out

Workouts can be very creative. I know, shocking! However, if you come up with some new creative ways to spice up your at-home workout routines it actually can be quite fun. Simply make a game out of it. Try to twist and change any positions and exercises to make them more fun. For instance, do crunches by sitting across from each other, and locking your feet together. Or use any furniture in the house you have to do some exercise. Switch up different equipment if you want. And speaking of equipment, it's important that you have all that you need for efficient work out if you plan on doing it at home. This way, you will create an actual mini-gym at your own house. Get anything you might think will create that authentic gym feel and be creative. Get the yoga mats, dumbbells, and even a high-quality protein shaker if you want to have some delicious protein shakes right after an intense workout session with your loved one.  

Exercise is foreplay

Endorphins are not the only things that get released during an intense exercise. Working out with your partner can also unleash some symptoms similar to physical arousal. For instance, you will most definitely end up with sweaty palms, heart beating out of the chest, and difficulties catching breath. In other words, these joint workouts can serve very well as foreplay. Use it to your advantage and create an intimate, healthy bond with your partner. 

Help you achieve your fitness goals

When you are both dedicated and have the same fitness goals you are more likely going to achieve those goals. As it was already mentioned before, by working out together, you and your partner will be pushing each other to do the best you can. This is a great way for both of you to use your potential to the maximum and accomplish your goals. And even if your fitness goals differ from each other, you can still be each other’s moral support and motivate each other to keep pushing and keep fighting for what you want. It’s very powerful seeing two people who clearly want what’s best for each other. It will make your relationship stronger and healthier.

Outdoor Dates

Exercise doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in the house or at the gym in order to work out and stay physically active. As a matter of fact, approaching fitness this way can make you feel bored. You can end up ditching the whole thing together if you only keep doing the same thing over and over again. And nobody wants that. So why not make it more fun and combine your workout sessions and outdoor dates.

Simply find a way to go outside, spend some quality time together and keep reaching for your fitness goals altogether. For instance, you can go hiking or jog along the river. Rent some bikes and go exploring the city together. Organise a picnic and bring volleyball or badminton equipment. You can have a lot of fun this way and stay active. Not every workout session has to be intense. You can play outside and still be physically active enough to consider it an exercise. You can make these outdoor dates whenever you feel like you are starting to get bored with an ordinary workout session. Plus, you will be spending time outside in nature which is also very healthy for both of you. By doing so, you will get the best of both options. You’ll be spending time together working on your fitness goals while also enjoying the nice weather and sunny days outside. 

Get out of a rut

When you work out, you are less likely going to try to change your exercises from time to time. You won't be switching things up and trying to make them more interesting. Now, this can be very bad, because after some time, if you are still doing the same exercises over and over again, your body won't be challenged anymore. And where's the progress without the challenge? In order to become better, you need to keep challenging yourself to do more than you did yesterday. You need to keep testing your limits and then pushing them even further than before. Otherwise, you won't be able to reach your goal. It's all about taking baby steps at first and then becoming better by pushing yourself to do so. 

So, in other words, working out with a partner can help you with making this progress a lot. By challenging each other to do the things you wouldn’t even consider doing otherwise, you’ll be pushing your limits together and making this progress slowly but surely. You just need to be patient and open-minded. You need to be ready to accept and try new things that your partner offers. For instance, you might have never thought about Pilates or yoga as something that can be useful. However, after trying it with your partner, you may end up realising how much it helped you improve your flexibility that you can use for some of your own favourite exercises. 


All things considered, there are many different reasons why working out with your partner can be beneficial both for you individually and for your relationship as well. Not only will these joint workouts help you reach your goal, but they will also better your relationship in many ways. Joint workouts are all about creating a balance. They help couples make their relationship stronger and better. Partners all around the world have experienced such amazing bonding times just by simply taking an hour or a half to be physically active with their partners, and you should definitely give it a try too.  

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