How to Light a Spark Back in a Relationship

There comes a time in every relationship when the initial spark gets extinguished. It is up to the amorous couple to light the flame of their love once more but this is easier said than done. In fact, once the spark is entirely gone, many couples, even married ones, tend to break up for good. In order to avoid such a heartbreaking scenario, couples should act before it isn’t too late and light the spark back in their relationship. The following guidelines are here to ease the elaborate process of staying in love forever.

Flirt using eye contact

Regardless of how you’ve met your present partner, the initial spark probably came up when you looked at each other for the first time. In human beings, eye contact is especially important. This is how our primate antecessors use to communicate before speech developed and eye contact is still a dominant method in which people flirt to one another.

All you have to do is reignite the spark by looking at your partner the way you use to back when you first met. A wink here and there and a stare is what will remind them of the time when the spark originated. In fact, you should never lose the flirtatious segment of your relationship, to begin with.

Dressed to thrill

You are probably helping your husband do his tie or you are helping your wife zip her dress before a ceremony you are attending together. Getting all dressed-up is nice but how about looking your best for your spouse! Don’t mind that it’s only Wednesday but bring out your best attire and put it on when you go out with your partner out for a meal.

They will notice and appreciate the effort you are making to impress then and are sure to reciprocate. Looking your Sunday best all the time will help you two keep the flame alive because of this clear visual sign that you still care for each other.

Be an attentive listener

How many times have uttered the question “how was your day, hun” but never stuck around to hear the full answer? Probably more than a few times so make the effort to change this ill practice. Your partner is a constant need to have a person to listen attentively to them, even if they have no real problems in life.

If you constantly refuse to hear them out, then they might turn to another person for much-needed attention. That’s why make sure to hear every word they say and try to understand how they feel. Don’t respond with empty phrases but try to give sensical advice and provide viable solutions to their dilemmas.

A present here and there

The holiday season and your partner’s birthday shouldn’t be the only time they receive material gifts from you. In fact, each new day you spend together is reason enough for giving and sharing. Coming back from work and finding something as inexpensive as a chocolate bar intended for them can lift your partner’s spirits. On other occasions, you might charm them with original gifts like champagne and beer bouquets that can be ordered online.

Speaking of bouquets, the present should be wrapped with attention to detail so your sweetheart knows you truly care and aren’t purchasing the gift just because you feel sorry about something bad you’ve done. A surprise gift here and there is just the thing needed to reignite that old spark and promote romance in the best possible manner.

Prioritize your relationship

Nobody likes being unimportant and this is especially true in love. If work hard during the day and then meet up with your friends afterward, ditching the plans you’ve made with your partner, then you are jeopardizing the relationship. What you have with your significant other should be among the top priorities in your life.

Yes, work is important because that’s how we earn money that allows us to sustain our existence but there is more to life than work. If you are earning more than enough, perhaps it’s time to shift a gear down and give your love life precedence. Lighting up the old love spark is perhaps the toughest business challenge you’ll ever face.

Texting each other

Staying in contact and letting each other known what you feel when you are far apart is also important. Instead of making a single cordial phone call, you can opt to text each other the whole day. A text like “Good luck” while you are away on a business trip and about to secure a major deal for the company can make a world of difference.

Support is an essential part of every relationship and it doesn’t go on a break just because you two aren’t physically next to each other. There are so many instant messaging apps nowadays that there is no excuse for not staying in contact. In fact, each time your love sees an unread message you have sent them, their heart jumps a little.

Travel together

In the world of mass tourism and cheap holiday deals, there is no reason against taking a short break from the daily Route. Whether it’s a trek through Eastern Europe, a city break in Sydney or a summer vacation on Ibiza, traveling together will help you reconnect. When people are on the road alone, they tend to rely more on each other, which helps strengthen the bond between them.

When it comes to amorous couples, they get a chance to be adventurous together. These shared experiences help them reignite the spark that might be long gone. A tropical resort with a king-sized bed might just be the thing your troubled relationship needs.

Simply telling your partner how much you love them won’t revamp your relationship on its own. No matter how sincere you are about your feelings, know that actions speak louder than work and you have to act fast before the elusive spark is gone forever. The tips we have listed above are bound to reignite the flame of love in your relationship but you have to be consistent about their application.

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