How to Find Love in The Midst of Lockdowns

In 2020, world governments announced shutdown measures are pretty strict and socially restrictive. In short, most social gatherings are not allowed and most retail malls aren’t going to be allowed to fully operate at scale.

This means:

· You cannot approach women on the streets
· You can’t rely on social gathering to meet women
· You can’t rely on clubs and bars to meet women

It’s may not going to get less restrictive any time soon wherever from the looks of it and we’re going to take some time to return back to a ‘new normal’.The only thing you can do, is to… adapt. 

Online Dating Apps

I spent the last 4 months testing out online dating apps and reluctantly downloaded Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel. I figured it’s time to re-learn and run some tests. I purchased Tinder premium and tested some of the functions such as Tinder boost. I also tested out premium versions of Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble and Hinge.

In my experience, if you’re not paying for some of the paid features, it’s much more difficult to get results from these platforms. Other dating coaches in the industry have also concurred.

Day Game and Night Game

Let’s assume clubs reopen in mid 2021. You’re not going to be able to get leads from clubs in the next 6 months.

Some governments also mentioned reopening that may take weeks or months. This means your results from day approaches and social circles are still highly limited. If everyone’s wearing a mask, it’s going to be more difficult. This is also hugely dependent on rules of locations such as retail malls.

This is why I have adapted and went to study online dating apps. I wasn’t a fan of online dating apps before that because it's highly reliant on good looks and 200 words of your profile description and how well you can take photos… and if you an average Asian dude like me that had to learn this…

However, as COVID 19 is here to stay, we have no choice.

Social Circles and Demographics

Since no social gatherings are recommended nor allowed, you can forget about getting dates through your friends or by partaking in new demographics. Gyms and places with recreational activities are closed in Singapore till further notice.

Flying Out

You can consider flying out to countries once that lax their borders and social measures. However, some countries are still overly stringent with the reopening measures. You can consider that as well. You own your own risk.

Learning Social Skills during COVID 19 Times

Let’s not degenerate our dating skills in a semi shutdown. There are still ways to work on your dating life despite a shutdown.

Firstly, by learning how to communicate on text, you can learn empathy and conversational skills. You can still learn how to tease, how to flirt, how to connect on a deeper level and come up with creative conversation starters. No excuse.

Secondly, can you set up a Facetime or a video call date to move forward the interaction. Can you flirt on video and remain charismatic there and then? Can you think of ideas on how to keep the interaction engaged online?


Yes, you can’t hit the malls or Starbucks for a coffee date. However, you still meet her at a park. You still need to be able to know how to escalate and close in those situations. They are still relevant dating skills.

Yes, you CAN still get results with women during a shutdown, in COVID 19 times. You need to adapt, as I have and am going to. Also, don’t let your social skills degenerate in such times. If you’re not honing your social skills, they are weakening. It’s the law of entropy. Stay safe, and I hope to update you.

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Marcus Neo publishes practical dating advice based on psychological research at MarcusNeo.Com

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