How to Rescue Your Dating Life in Your Late 20s

Looking for a restart or a jump start in your dating life in your later twenties due to a long term relationship break up or purely ignoring this aspect of your life for career pursuits? It's a common problem. Hence, the question is, how can you be more attractive to women in your late 20s?

If you’re in your teens or early twenties, many commonly made mistakes in your dating life is forgivable. However, you’ll need to have certain things straightened out in your late 20s.

There are no excuses.

Fundamental Grooming

Imagine going on a date with a woman in your late twenties and looking like a slob. You’re not even getting past the first date. Or you might not even land one in the first place.

I assume you have some form of income or savings by your 20s. If you haven’t learned to groom yourself, you’ll need to invest in that aspect of your life. There’s no excuse.

Impressions make a huge difference not just with the art of attracting women, but in one’s professional career.

Secondly, if you are still walking and standing with a slouch. You need an emergency fix. Old habits die hard. Like grooming, you’re forgivable if are slouching your early twenties. However, if you do not have a spine by the time you reach your late twenties. There’s not much to be forgiven.

Be of Status

So how can you be of status? It’s common to hear the word status thrown around in the dating advice industry.

There are two kinds of status. The first one consists of external displays of wealth and power. The second one is behavioral.

If you were an average human being without family wealth that went to University and graduated on your 20s. It’s highly unlikely you are going to accumulate fuck you money by your late twenties.

Secondly, it’s easy to get side tracked and lose purpose in your late twenties. The responsibilities of being a functional adult piles up. You may have a career or long hours at the office.

You’re no longer idealistic about setting up a rock band and staying up all night dreaming about making it big in the music industry. You may have resigned your life to be one that’s working for a job you secretly hate.

However, as David Deida mentioned, having a purpose is attractive to the opposite sex. You can allocate your time to your side hustles or creative project. That way, you’ll stand out from a crowded sea of other faces. Its time to invest that extra money you accumulated in rediscovering something in yourself.

Learn To How to Attract Women (for real)

Yes, you can learn how to attract women. You CAN alter your behavior. I took the scientific approach to this area of my life, and you can too.

Much of my focus is on Asian men. It’s not uncommon for Asian men (especially Singaporean men) to have spent their teens and early to mid-twenties have focused on academia and their careers at the cost of their emotional development.

They haven’t built up anything on the social skills side and completely lack social intelligence.

The idea of going up to an attractive stranger scares them, much less approach a woman in broad daylight.

It’s no surprise that some men in some cultures barely understand basic dynamics of flirting such as touching a woman without creeping her out, making a woman laugh, or even simple skills such as how to make her laugh.

They only treat dating as a skillset seriously after a failed long term relationship or marriage. They either broke off with their long term partner they met in their teens/early twenties or found out the relationship wasn’t to be after marrying each other.

Unfortunately, dating and relationships do require conscious work. Yes, they didn’t tell you in school, they do.


You may have ignored the greater part of your dating life in your 20s in the name of academic achievements and career progress. However, there’s no need to fret. There’s still hope. Males generally do not face the issue of a biological clock. Now that you’re an older man with an income, dating may be easier for you (despite your complete lack of social equity of understanding if she wants you to make a move).

Finally, if you’re going to sit on laurels and waste your 20s away. Then there’s no one to blame if you find yourself still in a ditch in your 30s.

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Marcus Neo publishes practical dating advice based on psychological research at MarcusNeo.Com

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