Through the Distance

Considering a long-distance relationship is something I never thought I'd be faced with, nor did I truly know what this type of relationship would involve. I've heard far more opinions against this type of courtship than those that are for it. I've even heavily questioned the situation myself at times. There have also been stories of irrefutable love that have developed from a long-distance romance.

Personally, I believe that it all just depends on the two people involved, how they prioritize one another and the depth of love that they share. Every relationship can pose challenges, but distance can be one of the most trying tests. Being in a long-distance relationship will certainly test your strength and loyalty.

You have to be able to genuinely trust on a level that is unmatched. There is no room for jealousy or insecurities. There will be many nights where you are lonely and long to wake up next to your partner. Let's face it, you will be sex deprived and your faithfulness will be put to the test. You won't always be able to spend holidays together and certain special events you will have to attend without a plus one. There are a number of challenges.

However, the fact is, if your relationship can withstand all of these trials, yours will be stronger than the vast majority of those of other couples around the world. A recent study projected that 54% of long-distance relationships work out long term, a much higher chance of success than I would have guessed. I had to contemplate heavily on if the distance was enough to keep me from something that I felt could be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just because I so desperately felt the need to forfeit my empty bed, I knew not just anyone could fill that void. My man, who I have to love from a distance, is the one who can fill that void. Despite those times when I get a bit teary-eyed from his absence, right now, it's worth it.

Ultimately there has to be a plan in place, obviously, the distance can't go on forever. One day, one of you will have to move to where the other is if you truly desire a long-lasting relationship. At the end of the day, choosing to be in a long-distance relationship is a personal choice. What will keep the bond strong? Plenty of communication, ensuring that seeing one another is a priority and finding a way to keep one another satisfied, despite the distance. Without those factors, you may just want to keep your relationships local.

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Ashleigh’s love for writing has always been. Once having experienced several years and hundreds of dates in the city of Atlanta, writing about those experiences has become a passion. In addition, Ashleigh is writing a book detailing some of the more intriguing of her experiences.

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