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Ashleigh’s love for writing has always been. Once having experienced several years and hundreds of dates in the city of Atlanta, writing about those experiences has become a passion. In addition, Ashleigh is writing a book detailing some of the more intriguing of her experiences.

Through the Distance

Considering a long-distance relationship is something I never thought I'd be faced with, nor did I truly know what this type of relationship would involve. I've heard far more opinions against this type of courtship than those that are for...

/ October 22, 2019

Red Flags & Self Sabotage

I have been single and dating for almost three years. I have truly seen it all, heard it all and been through it all at this point. Unfortunately, 85% of my experiences have been……not so wonderful. I have grown used...

/ December 11, 2018

What It Really Means When He Says “I don’t want a relationship”

Most of us have heard this unfortunate excuse at least once in our dating experiences. It typically leaves us feeling confused and with a bit of a bruised ego. Asking ourselves, “What does that even mean”? The short answer…I don't...

/ December 9, 2018