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Men: Keep it Real

keep it real
keep it real

It’s that time of year, again. When you review your online dating prospects and wonder why all of these people you would never want to meet (read: losers) are clogging up your inbox. So to help men out, I have listed some things that really frustrate women when reviewing profiles. Men, remember Dave Chapelle's when keepin it real goes wrong? If women only had that box while we read through some of these profiles.

  1. You’ve heard it several times: don’t lie about your height. Women don’t want you to lie about inches J. You aren’t just your height. You offer women a lot more. Don’t fall into the trap that all women want 6’0” and when we meet you you think we can’t add or know the metric system.
  2. Don’t approach women as though you are placing a bet at a roulette table: covering the spread so that you can get a hit. It’s about getting a response back and meet someone in real life. Does that method ever get you to meet someone in person?
  3. Be realistic. If you don’t think you would have a shot in public, your chances aren’t going to improve online. Your chances of getting a response are even lower than in public because we all have more options online. The name of the game didn’t change, the method did.  Your chances of hooking up with the drunk girl that wouldn’t look at you at the beginning of the night is not the case online.
  4.  Don’t send mass emails if you didn’t get a response to your initial communication. It’s all based on probability. These odds are pretty low.
  5. Telling someone anything about you feeling rejected, doesn’t improve your chances of getting a response. All it conveys to us is that you may be immature, ego maniacal, and angry. We usually don’t reconsider men that exhibit those qualities. Would you want someone come up to you at a bar & tell you that you’re an ahole for not flirting back?

Happy spring cleaning, ladies! Happy spring hunting, men!

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  1. Great post! I completely agree with all your points. There’s nothing more irritating than someone writing you multiple times after you’ve ignored or rejected them. Just be yourself! If someone likes you great, if not, then move on. Plain. Simple.

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