Outdoor Dating! How to Plan a Romantic Outdoor Date for Her this Valentine

“We love because it's the only true adventure.” — Nikki Giovanni

Love is in the air, dearly beloved! Valentine’s Day, popularly known as a day for lovers, is approaching once again and planning a romantic date for your lady is surely going to keep you in her good books for another year! Let’s break away from the heart-shaped box of chocolates and plan a really fun time in the great outdoors.

Plan an adventurous romance! Sounds new? Yes, outdoor dating is a little bit different and will make her fall in love with you all over again. Keep her likes/dislikes in mind, focus on her choices and plan a perfect outdoor occasion for your special one.

Here are a few outdoor dating ideas to help you get started.

Something New
Pick a new place to hike, run, climb, raft or maybe a new waterfall for a great outdoor dating experience this Valentine’s Day. If both of you really love adventures, then rent a paddleboard or kayak. Open a random page from your guide book and head out. This is a really splendid way to begin a true adventure.

Snow Date

If you haven’t enjoyed the snowfall together this winter until now because of your busy schedule, then Valentine’s Day is the right time to go for it! Choose a snow-park nearby, pick up your snowshoes or rent from a local outdoor shop, pack the thermos and get ready for your adventure date…
Picnic in the Park (wrap up warm!)

The Valentine’s month of February is the perfect time to plan a picnic in your favourite park with your special someone. Pack a picnic with some of your favourite foods, bring along a Frisbee, thermos flask and lots of blankets. This is pretty simple. Agree? If you are looking for a fun loving inexpensive outdoor date, this could be your number one choice. Also, the park will be really quiet!

Get Classy

Are you considering a knowledge-filled date this Valentine’s Day? If you want to do something fruitful and filled with learning on this day, then there always a number of indoor options; a cooking class together, art class, learning a new craft skill…..the list is endless. But how about something more outdoorsy? Learn to climb, or try a bit of mountaineering, paddling, there’s so much more to choose from. Always bear in mind that if your date does want to attend a cooking class, then keep her preferences in mind because, after all, her concerns are the most important.

How about a National Park?

Wow! This is really an amazing date idea for nature lovers. As Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year, planning a romantic outdoor date in a National Park is a perfect choice. Check out the National Trust to see if there’s anywhere near you for a visit. If you’re not already a member of The National Trust, English Heritage or the like, there’s a perfect gift idea too. Plan your adventure trip, get all the essentials and head out with your partner to spend this special day in the beauty of nature.

Discover a New Town Together

If you really, really want to do something unique that will create lasting memories, this one is for you! Get out of the house and explore a new town together. Open your laptop and search online for some amazing places nearby or far away, get familiar on your chosen place and head out. Visit the most famous spot of that particular area, give local restaurants or coffee shops a try, take lots of pictures and share with your friends.

Head to a Theme Park & Explore Your Inner Child

This is one of the cutest for Valentine’s Day. Adult entry is not restricted at a theme park, and most theme parks open around Valentine’s Day for half term fun. Make a visit to a nearby theme park and explore your inner child with your loved one. The rides are just amazing and the big roller coaster drops will help you connect with each other, with the help of a big dollop of adrenaline!

Taking heed of the above-mentioned ideas will help you plan a fabulous date for your special one. You’re not limited to the ideas here, of course, there are a number of other ways that will help you plan a perfect outdoor date. So, just pick up your phone or tablet and start exploring “outdoor dating ideas” online. You will find plenty of fun-to-do things for this special day, of course always remembering that you should pay close attention to your loved one’s choices and concerns.

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