5 Dating Applications to Double Your Dating Life (For Men)

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In light of Covid 19, I decided to invest some money and time into learning online dating and how to text a woman. This is tested through real life results, real cash and real dates. Three months of tests after hundreds matches and tens of dates… here is what I concluded.

However, before you go through these 5 applications, do note that the same principles of building a strong online profile is required. 


In general I find that women on Tinder are busy and you need to strike whilst the iron is hot. This means, you need to reply fast and form a connection fast.

Think about it, women are going to get matches easily. They have a ton of opportunities. You’re just one of their matches in their sea of options, whilst it's mostly the other way round for the average men on Tinder.

Tinder, and most online dating applications are about fast follow up. The only way to make Tinder work at scale is purchasing gold and boost. 

Beware: There are many fake accounts using Tinder to scam desperate men. They abuse the function of a Tinder passport. It’s quite easy to tell them apart after a while. Their photos have heavy make-up and then end up talking about ‘finance’ or ‘money’ after a while.

In general, if you match with a girl and she asks you to take it to another platform immediately, then it's a red flag. Real women do not give out their profiles too easily.


To set up a proper profile on OkCupid, it requires a little bit more effort of designing the profile and answering the questions. It’s also a little more formalized than Tinder.

I found OkCupid useless without the paid feature. You need the paid feature to get matches and start conversations. I didn’t get many results through OkCupid and don’t really bother with this application after a couple of months.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets bagel has a more professional feel to it. The paid subscription is the most expensive amongst the other dating applications.

I got curious and finally purchased the paid feature of Coffee Meets Bagel. The paid features allow you to reveal profiles that have liked yours. To my surprise, no one ‘liked’ my profile prior to this. I’ll be making profile tweaks over the next thirty days to see if I can get more likes and matches.

The paid subscription also allows you to ‘like’ more profiles per day, up to 8.

I did get dates and results from a Coffee Meets Bagel application. The women here seem to be the most invested and are willing to converse and go out on dates with you.


Yes, I did get results from Bumble similarly. It’s a women oriented application and gives the woman the power to initiate.

For us men, using Bumble for an organic dates generation platform is much better than paying for the boost. I had almost zero results when it came to boosting as compared to OkCupid and Tinder.

You’ll need a strong profile as usual need to be actively swiping to get matches:

 You swipe, you appear on the like feed of the woman, and she’s motivated to swipe or purchase premium to reveal you. That’s how Bumble makes money.


Hinge is one of if not my favorite dating applications. It allows you to comment on photos and prompts. This way, you CAN stand out from a the women’s POV.

You’ll rarely get high quality organic leads and likes from this application. However, if you understand online dating, and know how to comment and do what I call a cold outreach method. Then it’s totally worth your time. There’s no need to pay a premium for this application.

I did get high quality matches and dates from this application.

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Marcus Neo publishes practical dating advice based on psychological research at MarcusNeo.Com

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