Your First Sex Shop Shopping Trip: Helpful Tips for Men

first visit to a sex shop
You want to go to there.

We know how to shop, it is in our DNA and most men just hate the prospect of going shopping. When it comes to shopping around for sex toys and other items that could add an extra dimension in the bedroom, then they will probably have a greater incentive than normal, but a little bit of guidance still wouldn’t go amiss.

Browse before you buy

Gone are the days when sex shops were distinctly seedy joints tucked away down a backstreet, sex is on the high street and most modern sex shops look like most other stores. A good way of getting you man familiar with what to look out for and stroll into your local store with confidence, would be to do a bit of window shopping and browse a few online sites so that you can talk about the things that you both would be interested in trying.

Go together

A man in a sex shop on his own is probably most likely to come away with a couple of regular items such as a few Porn DVD’s, a vibrator and some lube. There is so much more to a sex shop these days and if you go together you are much more likely to get something that is of more personal than general interest. There is nothing wrong with a raunchy porno to get the juices flowing but a sexy item of lingerie or a sex toy that you both like the look of will make the visit much more worthwhile when you get home.

Get over any embarrassment

Sex shops are sales centres just like any other retail outlet so anyone steeping inside is probably going to be greeted by a salesperson who will ask if they can help and offer any advice or guidance that you may need. Some men find this a bit embarrassing and can even think that they could be viewed as a bit of pervert for wandering into a shop like this. Sales assistants are trained to talk about the products in the store in exactly the same way that a car salesman will talk about the size of an engine in the showroom. If you want to know about what speed you should choose for the best vibrator or what functions that it can perform, then ask and they will tell you without any problems, so reassure your man that shopping in a sex store is no different than anywhere else in that respect.

Use the experience

Shopping with sex in mind can be an exciting experience and improve bedroom performance even if you don’t end up buying anything on the first visit to you local sex store. Just having a look around and getting an idea about what turns each of you on is a great way of getting sex out into the open and talking about what you want from each other. Having benefited from that initial experience, the next time he goes shopping with sex on the agenda then your man will know what to buy that will please you and a memorable evening of pleasure awaits you on his return.

Shopping with sex based items on the list of ingredients required can be a lot of fun and can bring some extra passion into the bedroom, just make sure he knows what to buy.

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Leonardo Dawson has extensive experience in couple therapy. His articles mainly appear on relationship blogs. For online sex shops in the UK, visit the link.

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