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What Women Want—And How To Get It

What women want
What women want
No. Just. No!!!!

Women aren't as picky as many people think; it's just that sometimes, guys just don’t understand how to appeal to them.

I know, guys, it might hurt to hear it. But if you’re striking out with the fairer sex, it’s might have been a long time since you took an honest look at yourself in the mirror.

Women are human beings, and human beings have instincts. It’s our instinctual, and not intellectual, needs that initially attract us to one another. So maybe your one-liners or finger-on-the-pulse political opinions aren't wowing women because it’s not your mind, it’s your body that they’re going to notice first.

What You See Is What You Want

Maybe it sounds a little unfair; after all, it’s a known fact that no woman wants to be objectified as just a body to look at, nor should she be. The same goes for men.

However, the first sense through which everyone experiences one another is sight, so looking good is the first step to attracting someone worth talking to. Most relationships fall apart because one person or the other has “let themselves go;” in other words, when you stop caring about how you look, you stop being someone people want to spend time with.

Harsh, but true.

Of course, a great physical appearance isn’t all you need to keep someone interested, but it’s definitely the groundwork you need to lay before you can expect the ladies to flock your way.

Looking Good= Feeling Good— Who Knew?

Why is it so important to have a body you’re proud of? Because how you look determines how you feel, and self-esteem exudes the airs that send subconscious signals to the people around you. The higher your self-esteem, the more positive those signals.

Do you follow me?

So, how do you turn your body into the body you can feel good about (and the body that women will feel pretty good about, too)?

The Diet Solution Review took a look at the question of what a “good” body is, and how to create it for yourself, and the answer comes down to one simple fact: you need to be honest with yourself.

Take an inventory of your body. Great abs, flabby chest, too much hair on your back, to-die-for calves… acknowledge it all.

Then, take the things you can’t change—for instance, the excess hair on your back (it always grows back!)—and force yourself to accept it.

All done accepting yourself? Great. Now let’s move on to changing yourself.

Work It Like You’re Worth It

An idea of what you can change about your body won’t necessarily help you attract the opposite sex. A lot of men make the mistake of over- or under-accentuating their best physical features—both deadly moves in the eyes of a female.

People love to say, “It’s not science,” when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of attracting women, but it is more scientific than anything else.

Look, here’s what women want:

·         Muscular arms that weren't questionably sculpted by steroids

·         A flat stomach with identifiable abs

·         Healthy skin

·         Clean hair, lightly styled (a squirt of mousse or some sculpting gel will do the trick, but please avoid Pauly D’s helmet-head look)

·         A smile

To start out, get yourself to the gym and work your arms and core, alternating days to focus on each.  Don't overdo it, though, suggests The Truth About Abs Review-doing too much in one area can get you out of proportion- and no woman wants to cuddle with the Hulk.

For your skin, focus on a healthy, accessible diet. Buy a juicer and make yourself fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice smoothies. Avoid sugar, caffeine and large amounts of red meat; all three dull the tone of your skin.

You Look Great, Now What?

Your stomach is a washboard and you can bench-press your weight. Do yourself—and all the hard work you did to get here—a favor and dress like there’s something worth seeing under your clothes.

A woman wants her guy to know when he looks good, and know how to look good. Fitted jeans and a snug—but not tight—v-neck tee-shirt is all it takes to make a toned guy irresistible to most women, so if you put the work into making your body look great, but the work into showing it off, too.

Don’t try to use “moves” or “pick-up lines.” Instead, if you’re interested in getting to know someone—a coworker, an acquaintance, a woman you just locked eyes with at the bar—just say so.

Right after noticing how good you look, women notice how good you seem. So, be yourself and take pride in that self.

You can thank me in three months when you’re seeing a great lady who’s crazy about you—mind and body.

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About Dr. Mike Tremba

Dr Mike is a writer, publisher, and of course, past (pre-marriage) dater. He can usually be found on the great beaches of Southern Alabama, or somewhere outside getting exercise. Through the failures he's had (as well as the successes), he loves sharing his tips on making life more enjoyable.

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  1. All Women want is one thing. Attention! But it has to be the right kind of attention. You have to make her feel like she is the princess of your world and that you love her unconditionally, even her not so perfect points. It sounds simple, but is a bit more complex to carry out since women don’t communicate in the same “language” as men, and this leaves men feeling confused. She just wants atttention. Even the drama she creates unconsciously is to get attention and to prove that her man can deal with the drama and give her what she ultimately desires.

    1. I’ve lost faith in the female sex if THAT’S what they want. To be showered with attention, wow. How fucking shallow and superficial.

      That’s no better than me saying all I want is to shower them with cum.

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