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Mediocre to Man Magnet in Fifteen Minutes

Man Magnet
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I know I won’t be telling you anything new when I say that there is not a heterosexual woman out there who doesn’t want to be desirable to the opposite sex. Women, whether they admit it or not, love to be desired and love to feel irresistible. But exactly what is it that makes a woman a goddess in the eyes of a potential beau, what gives her that X factor, what are the secrets to her becoming a man magnet and how can we, as mere mortals, achieve goddess status in just fifteen minutes? Well here’s how….

1. Get Confident

Men love confident women, they find confidence compelling, attractive and let’s be frank here, downright sexy. However as a dating coach, I would say this this is the one issue woman struggle with the most. So let’s break it down, what is confidence at the end of the day? Really, it’s just about you being comfortable with you. So love who you are right now, love you for simply being a unique and wonderful woman. Think of it like this, no one is as good at being you as you are, so let your individuality shine out. Don’t let what you think other women have impact what you think you don’t have. You really are a wonderful indivdual in your own right so be confident, and shine like you have never shone before!

2. Get Positive and Allow Yourself To Be Happy

If you feel positive on the inside then it will show on the outside. Ultimately, a positive outlook is a lifestyle choice; if you expect good things to happen then they likely will happen. Desirability and positivity go hand in hand; no one will approach you if you are looking miserable or depressed. Be easy to talk to, and be approachable. Having a love of life, and wanting to have fun are sexy and attractive, and you can bet men are drawn to these characterisitics like moths to a flame. Make your focus continually on what you do want in life, and not on what you don’t want. Your happiness and your mental attitude is your responsibility, so take control right now.

3. Be Passionate

Another quality men love along with confidence is to hear a woman talk passionately about her hobbies and interests. Why? Because when you reveal your passions to him, you reveal the real you.

This is such a magnet to men and they really cannot resist it. So be honest, be fearless, and be you!

4. Flirt, Flirt and Flirt Some More

Not to be mean, but men don’t do subtle, so you have to show them you are interested by flirting.

There is no right or wrong way to flirt, and each of us has our own style, so don’t worry you may be getting it ‘wrong’, I assure you, you won’t be. Just go with what feels right for you, make it fun, make it playful, and enjoy it. If you have a great sense of humor then use it to make him laugh, if your eyes are your best feature then flutter them endlessly. Smile, laugh and engage with him, just show him right now that it is him, and him alone, you are interested in. Be aware of your body language, and keep it open, and by this I mean, no arm crossing, or scowling. Play with your hair, tilt your head when you talk to him, talk quietly so he has to move closer to hear you, and touch his arm lightly every now and again…. yes get yourself noticed, and go tease the heck out of him, now is your chance.

5. Dress to Impress

Man magnets, without doubt, make the most of what they have got and two issues are really important here. The first is that you should dress like you are a woman. By this, I mean, regardless of whether you are slim or super curvaceous, he will appreciate your figure; because that’s what men are programmed to do, so dress in something that shows your figure off. The second issue is that you should dress in something that makes you feel super confident and downright gorgeous. Men love femininity, so make sure you choose something along the lines of a skirt, dress and heels.

Nothing too revealing or overtly sexy right now, but just enough to make him want more. Make an effort to apply makeup, but keep it subtle, make sure your hair is at is glossy best and paint your nails in a pretty colour, nothing too vampish. The goal here is to be feminine, and to be approachable, whilst keeping that certain element of mystery.

6. The No Chase Rule

Call me old-fashioned if you will, but I have one rule for my clients and that is to never chase a man.

Flirting insanely is one thing, but chasing is another and it’s a no, no. You want to be mysterious; you want to be alluring, because it’s so magnetic to a guy. If you have made an effort to follow the five steps above so far, and you are feeling like Miss Mysterious right now, believe me, you won’t have to chase this guy. If he likes you he will let you know. And if he doesn’t then show you have class, act with good manners and grace and move on.

I hope these steps have shown you that you don’t have to be the most beautiful women in the room to be the most desirable. Man magnet status is most definitely achievable, have faith in you, be brave and go for it.

A word of warning however, by following these six steps you may find you have become the most irresistible woman in the room….hello man magnet, goodbye mediocre!

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