Stef and the City Takes Dating Offline

stef and the city
stef and the city

You know that I’m a fan of technology and I’m especially a fan of service providers that work to bring singles offline for some face-to-face interaction. Enter Stef and the City.

I was recently approached by Stef Safran, of Stef and the City, a Chicago based networking guru and self-styled “recessionista matchmaker,” to talk about what she’s doing in the world of dating and match making. The lady is a force and can work a room, thus I was eager to hear her out.

Stef is a networking professional first and foremost, but she realized that her networking connections could be used for the purposes of setting up singles. Having checked out her site, which is an evolution in progress, it’s clear that she has a vision to help successful singles meet other like-minded singles.

stef safran

Some of the services provided by Stef and the City are

  • Matchmaking for people looking to date and have fun
  • Provides a forum for professionals to find networking events and even uses her personal network to find the right people, and matches, to introduce to her clients
  • Stef and the City prepares a Social events calendar and tailor it to suit their client’s interests and needs. This is one of the more effective ways to get people motivated to meet one another.
  • Arranges for trips for singles and often includes discounts on popular items and gift bags, too.
  • Monday Morning Jolt is Stef’s answer to Groupon… without Groupon, which features weekly offers and discounts to fans of Stef and the City.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. They definitely provide a large swath of services and take great care to screen their clients and the people they bring together for their singles and networking events.

For more details, check out Stef and the City.

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  1. This could be the answer to the problems of those who are single and broken hearted that is having a hard time finding their new love. Meeting new people is a lot of fun because you get to have a wide knowledge about them. Matchmaking by stef and the city helps one to be socially active. It can help in gaining new friends and who knows you can meet there the love of your life?

  2. This is totally cool and amazing. Those ideas were quite unique and impressive! Matchmaking sounds fun especially to single person like me. Through dating i can get to meet a lot of people and i can also become flexible because of this.

  3. One of the biggest setbacks to Online Dating that we've seen, is getting people OFFLINE to go meet a potentially new friend or better! Whether it be safety/security concerns, deception by either party, or just the shy jitters of the introverted person. (Some things that initially draw many to online dating)
    Virtual "window shopping" seems the default fare of many an online date prospector.

    Stef and the City appears to have created an exciting solution, in that market and reminds folks that the prospects of dating are supposed to be FUN!!

  4. It is better to see each other face to face because you have the opportunity to talk personally. That way you can see the expression in the face of your partner. And you can really help those people who are looking for their ideal partner in life. And perhaps, there are a lot of couple became happy and contented of their relationship now. because of Stef and the City.

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