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Take a Survey Defining FWBs and FBs

Fwb vs FB. friend with benefits or fuck buddies
Fwb vs FB. friend with benefits or fuck buddies

It's not often the Urban Dater grabs the attention of good-looking women seeking our help. I mean, they do, but they tend to reach out to Taylor and not me, due to my inherent “creeper vibe.” Which is why I was completely floored when asked by the lovely Jocelyn Wentland, a Sex Research Fellow at the University of Ottawa (I seriously thought Ottawa was just a cruel joke in the annals of Canadian history books, along with the Winnipeg Canucks, but it turns out I was wrong and they have a freaking University!), for some help on a project she's working on.

Casual sex is a large part of American life anymore, we're over sexed (await the Insomniac Club post for May to read more about that) and we're a vastly different society seemingly unaffected by promiscuity anymore. Which is why I find this bit of research pretty awesome. So let's get down to the details with the lovely Jocelyn Wentland!

This is about to get all sorts of interesting!

FWB Vs. FB aka Friends With Benefits Vs. Fuck Buddies. Is there a difference?

Personally, I thought the two of these items were one and the same, but apparently they are different. My beliefs were thrown into doubt by Ms. Wentland a bit later when she thanked the gent who introduced us in the first place, Jack from Brooklyn.

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I'm so out of touch with the sexual lingo these days. What gives!? According to the description on the survey page:

The current study is designed to investigate the different definitions of casual sex relationships and knowledge about safety of engaging in casual sex activities. As a participant, you are being asked to participate in 1 online survey that may take approximately 15 minutes. The questionnaire is ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL.

Take the Survey and help a sexy researcher earn her badge of honor (or, as they do in Canadia honour)

The survey is intended for males, not females (because dudes are cooler and more bufferer) and can be filled out by visiting this link: Casual Sex Relationships and Definitions.

All the information is located at the link provided above. However, you can read it below, too, if you don't trust my linkage. Just remember, by helping with the survey, guys, you're helping the cutie to the right. Just sayin'. Maybe she'll accept you as a follower on the Twitter! -)

sex researchers
  • As part of the survey, you will be asked to provide some personal information, such as how old you are and how many sexual intercourse partners you have had. The purpose of collecting this information is to determine the background demographics of our participants.
  • Completing the questionnaire may introduce self-reflection for you which may be ultimately positive, but may initially be upsetting or disruptive. Whether or not you complete the survey, you will be given a list of resources in the Ottawa area if you wish to speak with someone. You may also contact the study's principal investigator, Dr. Elke Reissing, who is a licensed psychologist, with whom you can speak with at no charge.
  • No identifying information will be connected to your responses. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the questions, you may refuse to answer or discontinue participation by closing your browser window AT ANY TIME.
  • Take the survey now: Casual Sex Relationships and Definitions.
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  1. Damn it's only for boys! Oh well…I await the results…so do you insomniacs have a post coming out about the difference (aka I shouldn't write about it) or is the upcoming (or possibly already happened and I just haven't caught up enough yet post about something else related to sexuality)…lemme know my favorite creeper 😉
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