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Some of you that may have been to the site in the last day or two probably noticed that the site was wonkier than usual… No, Alex wasn't on the methadone again. Nope, long story short, we migrated the Urban...

/ March 19, 2011

The Bruery Gives a Cold One to the Urban Dater

The Bruery featured in The Urban Dater's next podcast.

/ March 13, 2011

The Urban Dater Takes to the Air Waves With Nic and Neely

March 13th’s show will feature Alex Vasquez and Taylor Cast, the creative geniuses behind the outstanding dating and relationship blog, The Urban Dater.

/ March 10, 2011

The Urban Dater's First Podcast… Awww.

Hear ye, hear ye muthafuckaaaaas! Here is our first podcast everyone! It's been a long time coming and, really, the first time we've been sober enough to sit down and complete something…even though we didn't stay sober. So please, please...

/ February 14, 2011

Over Abundance of Single Women. Need More Men!! Sinlges Event Mixer for Charity.

The LA Foodbank still has an overage of women in need of man-handling. Are you a man? Have you never lost to a woman in Street Fighter II? If you can answer yes to these questions then the LA Food...

/ February 4, 2011