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Why Knowing About Kim and Kanye Will Help Your Dating Life

Don’t you just love celebrity gossip? A lot of people love to rail against our celebrity crazed culture, including me at times. Like it or not, a lot of women are obsessed with celebrity culture and instead of complaining, learn to play the system to your advantage.

I always like to keep my thumb on pulse of pop culture. Many people have their own way of keeping up on pop culture: watching entertainment shows, reading online news or using social media. I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I’ve been a devout listener for the past 7 years since I was a student. His brand of humour has always brought me laughter even through the tougher parts of my life. Why do I bring this up? Howard talks a lot about pop culture, news, sports and interviews a lot of celebrities and newsmakers. I get almost all of my pop culture news from his show.


So you’re asking, how does this help you meet women? Simply put, being well read gives you the ability to carry on a conversation with many different types of people. I am always on top of politics, music and pop culture so I can carry on an intelligent conversation about many topics with a lot of different people. A lot of guys watch sports and that’s it. They don’t care about music, politics or pop culture and it only makes them effectively bond or communicate with others over one topic. How many women are devout sports fans who are in fantasy sports leagues?

You won’t believe how many times I’ve been at work only to have a group of people talk about a new movie coming out and an opportunity presents itself for me to join in on the conversations because I’ve read about the movie or heard one of the actor’s interview on Howard’s show. One example was Seth Rogen’s new movie This is the End. Some people at work were talking about how interesting the movie looks and I interjected telling them a tidbit about how Seth Rogen had trouble selling the idea to the studios and how they wrote a part for Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) that he turned down. How did I know this? I listened to Seth Rogen’s interview on Howard’s show and retained information. I always love hearing other people’s conversations when I am in an elevator or at the mall and if there’s an opportunity for me to jump in, I do.

Now just imagine you’re sitting next to a group of women or a woman reading a newspaper and you know something about the topic they are talking about or reading, That topic is your opener. You don’t need stupid pickup lines or canned routines. It’s as simple as starting a conversation based on what those women are already thinking, Using a canned pickup line makes her lose her train of thought and realize “this guy is using the same line on every women he’s interested in. The whole idea is to transition the original conversation to get that girl to talk about herself and use that information to ask her for her phone number. If she tells you she loves Italian Dark Roast Coffee, then you look her in the eye and say confidently “Listen, I know this great little coffee shop that has amazing Italian Dark Roast. Give me your number, we should go there sometime”. It’s not hard guys, it just takes some effort and confidence.

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I used to be terrible with women until I received coaching from several great mentors out there who taught me to unleash my inner alpha male and be the type of man that attracts women and not chases them. My area of expertise is online dating, but I also provide advice on the right types of dates to take women on and provide men with the proper mindset to approach dating.

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