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taking a dump

Taking a Dump

So this month's Insomnia Club post has to do with taking a dump, as-in getting dumped or dumping someone… Either way it's something I am well-versed in. Nobody likes getting dumped by their significant other, I mean most people don't....

/ September 14, 2011
Intense sexual desire

The Night Lust Made Me its Bitch

So I've been a bad, bad member of the Insomnia Club, of late. Simply put, I  haven't been pulling my weight and sometimes the subject matter we choose isn't always the choicest for me… In other words, I was probably...

/ August 26, 2011
Summer Flings and Thurman Murman

Summer Flings Make Me Feel Fine

Life has a sense of humor; sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's tragic and sometimes that asshole, called life, is a bit of a pecker as she peppers your life with copious amounts of ironic sorrow. It's tough enough being an...

/ July 15, 2011
Everyone can bully from the comfort of their phone's key pads... Amazing

Think Before You Send… An Insomnia Club Joint

Today’s afterschool special-esque post is brought to you by the Insomnia Club. I know what sexting is. It’s an irritating verb we apply to inappropriate texts, typically of the sexual variety, sent to someone else. Some of you may know...

/ April 13, 2011
Why Do Women Pull the Fade?

Insomnia Club – Fade to Black

“RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!!! Avert your eyes from the love-spun harlot! Her mere gaze will pierce your will to score with the many women you’ve place in your quiver of poon. Surely it’s a recipe for utter disaster, if you...

/ March 15, 2011

The Insomniacs Club

Welcome to the The Insomniacs Club

/ February 14, 2011