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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Singles in Their Twenties Make

Mistakes twenty somethings make

The twenties are a great time in just about anybody's life. The twenties are a decade where the world is full of hope, opportunity, and best of all, great potential for finding love. Unfortunately, love is also the department where men and women of this age range often make the most mistakes that can easily be avoided. In this article, I will be discussing several mistakes you should be avoiding in your twenties if you don’t want to be wondering why you are all alone in your thirties. 

You put too much emphasis on your career

Careers are important, don’t get me wrong. But there is something very dangerous about working sixty to eighty hours a week as you keep telling yourself lies such as, “as soon as I get my next promotion I’ll start dating,” or “as soon as things calm down at work a bit I’ll search for love seriously.” No matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, passing up on the best years of your life with someone special (and possibly future) is not a worthy sacrifice. At the end of the day, your job won’t be there for you when you are old and gray.   But your partner will.

You refuse to break away from your routine

Singles in their twenties are usually full of life. Constantly making plans, hanging out with friends, joining exercise classes, etc. But what happens when a cute guy or girl comes along and you have plans to hang out with friends Monday, a kickboxing class on Tuesday, a graduate course on Wednesday, and plans to see a movie with friends on Thursday. While these are all things you had planned, can one or two of them easily be altered if it’s the difference between meeting up with someone you really have potential with, or postponing for a week?

It’s ok to break away from your plans sometimes and put a priority on love. Otherwise while you are busy postponing for another week, he or she might be on the path to finding someone less busy to take interest in.

You are playing to many games

We no longer live in a society where one needs to go by the three-day rule or any of the other games young people sometimes play. If you like somebody, and he or she likes you, then show it. Game playing is not going to keep someone around unless they weren’t too interested to begin with. It is only going to push them away.

Letting your friends influence your decisions

The twenties happen to be a decade before most people figure out who they truly are. This is why the thirties is often such a great decade, as it comes with so much more inner peace! But I digress. Don’t worry so much about what your friends are thinking, feeling, or saying all the time. If you like someone and feel good about it, then go for it! Let the haters hate and the talkers talk.

You put an age on major milestones

Don’t ever try to put a number on when major life milestones will happen. “I’ll get married at thirty-five.” “I’ll have kids when I’m thirty two.” Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. If you postpone your romantic life and don’t start looking until you are close to hitting your magic number, you may actually never find someone.   Your plan may be to find marriage at thirty-five, but life’s plan may have had your future husband right in front of you at twenty-five, and you were too set in your ways to notice. Always keep your options open and never try to time life.

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  1. Your twenties are definitely a fun and awkward age to be dating! So much to do, so little time! This is definitely some good advice for those lucky twenty-somethings!

  2. I think the biggest point to make here is that when someone is really ready to date and find someone to be with, all of the above won’t be a problem. One of my struggles is that I sometimes like the idea of dating, but I don’t really want to do it in practice.


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