How to Break Up With Someone You Still Love

Breaking up with someone you love
Breaking up with someone you love

You have just broken up with your ex and the prospects of facing the world without her prove bleak. You are dejected, upset and heartbroken. How do you break up with someone you still love? You need to get out a grip on yourself and get out of this depressed state. It is possible and you have to understand that all is not lost.

Breaking up is so difficult

You may feel as if your whole world has collapsed around you. This is because you have conditioned your mind to believing that it is the end of the world. This type of thinking has been ingrained in your system from the time you entered your teens. You read books, watch movies and hear people talking about love and how you can live happily after! It is time to wake up and smell the coffee! Love is not everlasting and eternal.

This is a phase that all of us go through and there are many more out there that are deserving of your love and will make you happy.

Here are a few pointers to help you when you are trying to cope with your breakup:

Your belief system

You have grown up with a system that makes you believe in true love and lasting happiness. You must understand that breakups are natural and will help you become a better person.

You will learn to improve yourself and not make the same mistakes you made. You may not be at fault. You may have trusted your ex and they let you down. You may have been too involved in certain interests and neglected your loved one.

Did you really feel love for your ex or were you under the illusion that what you felt was real love? Perhaps you were attracted on a physical level and your ex complimented some of your weaknesses by giving you attention.

At this time, you should understand that you can feel the same love for someone else. They will accept your mistakes and perhaps help you to become a better person. All is not lost.

Believe in yourself. You can have the pick of any partner once you make up your mind to give it another shot.

Initially you are bound to compare and the faster you stop doing this the quicker you will learn to get over your earlier relationship.

Think carefully where you went wrong. If the fault was yours, take this time to be introspective and correct your mistakes. You should not make the same ones again when you meet someone new.

How do you break up with someone you still love?

Once you have made up your mind that things are not going the way it should, you should let your partner know that you are not happy in the relationship and want out. Your partner may protest and feel hurt. If you still love them, give them another chance or tell them it is best that you part before you hurt each other further.

The hurt may be difficult to bear for a while but time is a great healer and soon you will feel nothing but a dull ache. Get involved in activities that keep your mind occupied and meet up with old and new friends.

You will feel better when you are out laughing and sharing anecdotes. Pave the way for getting into a new relationship by keeping an open mind. Do not rush into a relationship on the rebound as that will definitely not last.

Be wary as you do not want to hurt again. When the time is right you will find someone who will love you for the person you are and you can then enjoy a great relationship.

Breakups always hurt, but it is better not to live with someone who always makes you suffer a lot. And it really doesn't matter whether you still love that person. Breakup with them the right way and you will feel much better thereafter.

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