7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

It’s a hard pill to swallow for many women, having to face up to the possibility that their partner is taking advantage of their trust to cheat on them. Don’t be a martyr to the idea of love, continuing to turn a blind eye to the very real possibility of infidelity. Look for the following signs and save yourself from the prolonged heartbreak.

  1. Your boyfriend starts keeping secrets.
    The most obvious sign that something is up is when your partner, who has been open with you for the longest time, starts getting secretive about his life.
  2. Your boyfriend shifts conversations from him/her to you.
    When you ask your significant other what he has been up to, or if you inquire about a certain girl and he deflects the question back to you, start getting worried.
  3. Your boyfriend stops being affectionate.
    Intimacy is part of any healthy loving relationship. If your significant other no longer feels the need to be close to you, it could be that someone else is already filling his needs.
  4. Your boyfriend is addicted to porn.
    Tying into the previous sign is this newfound obsession with sex that isn’t even focused on you. Having this addiction can desensitize people to the emotional part of being intimate, which can lead to a rift in the relationship.
  5. Your boyfriend stays out late at night.
    He can be making excuses like longer working hours, but it pays to be wary especially when you can’t even contact him.
  6. Your boyfriend has commitment problems.
    Nothing like experience to teach you a lesson, and it applies in spotting possible cheaters. If your partner has been around the block without a single relationship of his lasting for any considerable amount of time, he will probably get tired of you soon just as well.
  7. Your boyfriend has friends and family who cheated.
    It might seem unfair to judge your man based on the actions of his relations, but there have been studies that make the connection. Family counselor M. Gary Neuman ran a survey on 200 men that revealed 77% of men who cheat also have unfaithful best friends. The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm uncovered a genetic trait in men who’ve had cheating fathers and brothers that made it more likely for them “to have weaker relationships and marital problems, and [they are] less likely to be married”.

If you start picking up more than a couple of these signs, it’s perfectly okay for you to confront your boyfriend about the possibility. You don’t want to wait until another woman starts asking for a paternity test to confirm the worst.

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About the Author: Kate J. Hunter is a writer and consultant for http://www.homednadirect.co.uk/, they do reliable paternity testing services. She is also an avid follower of paternity related issues and solutions for such problems.

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