How To Set Up The Second Date

The period after a first date can be a heady, emotional experience. This is even more true if the date was a big success. The excitement of the experience has your adrenaline flowing, and thoughts of what to do next may be racing through your mind.

However, this is the very time that you want to slow down and play things cool. The last thing you want to do is scare off a possible Mr. or Ms. Right.

The satisfaction of that first date may have you itching to reach for the phone immediately, but you should remember that truly getting to know someone isn't something that will be achieved in a few days. It's an ongoing process that will take time.

Any relationship requires a bit of breathing room. You should take a day or two to collect your thoughts and remember that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

When it comes time to make that phone call to arrange a second meeting, you want to stay cool and relaxed and not come across as simply infatuated. Try to get a feel for how the date went for your partner.

In your conversation, talk about how much you enjoyed to date and gauge the other person's reactions. If it is positive then you can either play it cool a bit longer or you can throw out the possibility of another date.

If you don't set up another date on the spot, then you should call again in a couple of days. Be sure to leave the other person with the impression, however, that you are interested in another date. You don't want to leave him or her with doubts.

If you didn't float the idea of another date in your follow-up call, then you should do so in your next call. For the second date arrange a nice location that will allow you to continue chatting and getting to know one another.

As your relationship progresses, you can add more and more fun to your dates. A first-time shared activity such as bowling can be a fun and lighthearted way to spend time together. Learn to laugh with one another; it is a great way to create a romantic connection.

The period immediately following your first date is a heady and emotional experience, but if you relax, play things cool and avoid appearing merely infatuated then you will be able to proceed smoothly to the next level of your relationship.

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