From Head to Heart: A Grounded Approach to Relationships & Dating

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So you’ve decided to embark upon the complicated journey of connecting with someone other than yourself. You definitely deserve applause. In a culture dominated by me-mine-& I wants, it’s always cool to hear of others that decide to cross this bridge, regardless of how long they remain in the relationship. After getting married straight out of college, one of the things that I can say is that there is no secret formula to building a healthy relationship. Sometimes, it can be hard as hell-but if I could go back in time and offer myself one piece of advice it would be to switch that passion into compassion really quick. They may look like an angel today, but because we are human, we can be devils on tomorrow. Human love and compassion is the building block of any successful union (regardless of the type of union), not the uber-romantic, angelic, Hollywood images that are portrayed in the movies. As humans, we all burp, flatulate and even swear a time or two, and I’m sure there’s someone, somewhere on the planet that is tired of our bu*l-sh*t. What’s up for debate is not whether you’re going to bump heads with your potential date or partner-the real question is how do you plan to handle those rough periods when they do come.  After all, since we are all unique our partners should complement us –and in that manner, they will often provide the necessary friction we need to grow spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

I think one of the biggest mistakes we often make in dating is we often get trapped by our expectations as to how relationships should be. Don’t get me wrong-some of the basics have to be there….along with a few adjustments

  1. Attraction

  2. Intelligence

  3. Security

  4. Self-actualization

  5. Emotional maturity

  6. Etc.


Now there are some who may not agree with attraction being at the top of the list, but we are complex beings with a variety of needs. Let’s be frank for a moment- it’s difficult to sustain any sort of intimate relationship with someone that you’re not attracted to on a physical level.  I think that when you’re open and honest from a pragmatic standpoint, and when you are considerate of what you’re bringing to the table in all of those areas of the list that you have created; it makes this process a whole lot easier. For starters, if we can ever skip societal pressures and live from an honest place and space maybe some folks will realize that they’re just ok with dating-and that’s ok. And there are also those at the other end of the spectrum who would rather not marry but engage in a committed sexually exclusive relationship with their partner-and that’s ok as well. Where the whole dating and relationship drama becomes difficult is when we aren’t open and honest about where we are, what it is we are feeling, and what our intentions are in regards to what we’re going to do with those feelings. If you are dating and you only want sex, be honest with yourself. Regardless of your occupation, religious proclivity or economic background, you will feel better about yourself and save a lot of spending money if you are more in touch with how you really feel. Likewise, if you are attempting to engage in a relationship with the idea of connecting on a deeper level with someone that compliments you then be honest about that as well. Projecting false ideas and fantasies-regardless of what they are, will only lead you into heartache down the line. And most of all-have the strength of character to walk away from a relationship that you know does not resonate with who you are. The 80/20 rule is great to live by, but please understand the difference between lofty standards and basic expectations. Don’t wait until you are engaged in a relationship, bring children into the world, and borrow years from someone else’s life to learn honest lessons that you could’ve figured out before you say “yes” (in whatever fashion that “yes” is communicated).

Be grounded, centered and relax in who you are and know that whatever path you choose-you choose it, with conscious, deliberate and intuitive guidance from your soul. If you’re living from that place and space-all of the rest of the details will work themselves out. Life is an adventure-start living yours today!

Author Profile

Jesse Herriott is a 20′ something teacher, with academic training in the Social Sciences, English, Religion-Spirituality, and Depth Psychology. A by-product of Generation Next, Jesse believes that we are what we have been waiting on-and each of us have gifts and talents that are vital as humanity makes this next great creative leap forward. Jesse is an ordained priest in the Universal Anglican Church, an adjunct professor in Atlanta, GA, and an avid writer. Jesse completed graduate and post graduate work in the Social Sciences, & Post-Graduate work in both English and Psychology. Jesse also received a D.Min. from the Interspiritual Divinity School (formerly Anglican Divinity School-a division of the Universal Anglican Church). Jesse lectures on the intersections of what he calls “real life” with a soul-ful spirituality that invites listeners to ground themselves in the earth, and get back into their lives. Jesse’s blend of Soulful-Spirituality and the modern age, with a twist of Jungian-Depth Psychology & Mysticism, blazes a wide chasm for what he calls the rise of Generation NOW! According to Jesse one of the most important discoveries in the first half of life is finding yourself–”because in discovering your “Self” you would have found the dwelling place of the divine. The first half of life is an amazing time—why not seize it while you have the chance?”

In his capacity as a Unity.FM (Unity Online Radio) host, Jesse Herriott has had the pleasure of dialoguing with some of the world’s leading luminaries, New York Times-Bestselling authors, and teachers such as Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Dr. Arun Gandhi (the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi), Harin Kara, Latham Thomas, Meggan Watterson, Dr. Terry Cole-Whitaker, Gangaji, Bishop John Shelby Spong, Bishop Carlton Pearson, NaAak’ Paola Ambrosi, Dr. Timothy Freke, Susan Cain-NY Times Bestselling Author, Howard Falco,and many more……..

Jesse’s writings have appeared in both print and online indie magazines and journals around the world. And He hosts a weekly Empowerment program on Unity Online Radio entitled, “Living on Purpose ( For more info, or to contact Jesse directly, visit him on the Web at, Facebook at, Twitter @jessherriott, or on Youtube at or view his Unity Online Radio archives at:

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