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Height. It’s Just a Number, Right?


As a matchmaker and dating coach, I’m reminded how numbers shouldn’t shut people from MEETING people who they might potentially like, if they would only meet them in person. Women tirelessly are telling me lately (or always) that they NEED to meet a guy who is 6’0” tall. The average American man is 5’9”. Don’t forget certain ethnicities also face even more height challenges. Height is just a number just the same that weight is. If the average woman is 5’3” then why are there so many requests for 6’0”?  I’ve had to tell plenty of men that a size 6 isn’t fat or out of shape, the same way that I have to tell women that the very people that they have a crush on the big screen, those men aren’t 6’0” or even 5’10”.

I’m going to give you an admission about my dating preferences: I prefer short men.  To me is 5’7” to 5’10” is perfect and 6’0” seems almost too tall. However, I have had a boyfriend that I adored who was 5’4” and I’ve gone on dates with men who are 5’3”. At 5’2”, to me, what’s the difference? Maybe my preference comes from my own family. My Dad is only 5’8” and my brother is 5’6”, so I’ve grown up around shorter men and never thought they were any less manly because of it. My 5’4” sister married a man who is 5’5” (and she PROUDLY wears her 5” heels out) and no one who sees their pictures ever comments that “Wow he looks short” but more that he is attractive and they look good together.

I bet some of these women who are watching movies (dateless) are busy drooling over Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., who at 5’7” is shorter than his co-star Gwyneth Paltrow. Or if you like bond, James Bond, were you aware that Daniel Craig is only 5’10”? More action heroes that hardly made the 6’0” cut: Mel Gibson is 5’8”, the Hunger Games Josh Hutchenson is  5’7” and Gladiator and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix is 5’8”.

How about 70’s and 80’s movie heart throbs? Al Pacino who everyone remembers from The Godfather movies is 5’7”. Dustin Hoffman was endearing in The Graduate or Kramer vs. Kramer and he’s only 5’5”.

How about some of the women that these shorter men are with: Penelope Cruz is 5’6” is married to Javier Barden who is 5’7”. Mark Walberg at 5’6 ½” is married to Rhea Durham who is 5’9”. Michael J. Fox at 5’4” met his wife Tracy Pollen, is 5’6”.

I’m not saying all short guys are my type or they should be yours. However, I think height is not a good reason to nix a guy, especially when you have had your heart broken by tall jerks. Sometimes I feel the shorter guys KNOW they have to try harder. This doesn’t mean I don’t look up to certain tall actor as I do plan on watching 6’5” Armie Hammer on the big screen in The Lone Ranger.  I’m smiling knowing he’s only 26 and married to a woman 4 years his senior. You’ll be hearing from me about men and age being just a number next time.

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Stef Safran, “Chicago's Introductionista,” and owner of Stef and the City, has been in the matchmaking industry for over ten years. Getting her start as a Contestant Coordinator on “The Dating Game,” Stef learned up close and personal what it takes to find people for both romantic and television pursuits.

Revitalizing the social lives of Chicago’s singles, Stef Safran is celebrated as “Chicago’s Introductionista” across the city and suburbs of Chicago. Stef has been featured in ABC7 News, NBC5 News, WCIU’s You and Me This Morning, WGN, and more!

For more information on Stef and the City, check out the Stef and the City website: stefandthecity.com, Facebook page and Twitter!

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