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Things Men Notice about Women on a First Date

In order to gain a proper understanding about the things men notice about women, one has to first accept the fact that ever since a few decades, there has been a rapid shift of roles and responsibilities. It so happens...

/ September 3, 2013
does age matter

Does Age Really Matter When Looking To Date Someone

Dating and online relationships have attained new heights with the massive proliferation of online dating sites. With divorce rates on the high, we find more and more singles, both women and men over 50 years of age, feeling free to...

/ August 29, 2013
relationship spark

Keep a Relationship Thrilling and Exciting

Relationships are the most important things that are essential and significant to everybody. Unless they are treated and nourished carefully, you cannot be sure of how long-lasting they can be. In order to keep it exciting and sensational, here are...

/ August 16, 2013
worst date story

How to Survive Any First Date Nightmare

As much as first dates are exciting, they can also get pretty nerve-wracking at times and it is always natural to consider the possibility that things can go wrong at any given time, sometimes giving you nightmares. Here are ways...

/ August 12, 2013
chasing women

How to Stop Chasing and Start Dating Women

When it comes to chasing women, men seems to be pros at it and looks like some enjoy chasing forever without putting an end to it because the chase never ended up successfully or rather decently. This is the problem...

/ August 5, 2013

The Art of Understanding Body Language on a First Date

When it comes to relationships and dating, the significance of body language cannot be emphasized more as this accounts for about 60% of what we intend to communicate. It is important that those actively involved in dating and relationships must...

/ July 26, 2013
mama's boy

Symptoms Your Partner Is a Moma’s Boy

So you’re in the middle of what seems to be a beautiful and fruitful relationship and can’t help smiling to yourself about how lucky you are to get the man of your dreams. One fine day, you find all those...

/ July 19, 2013

Keeping your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Just because you’re in a long distance relationship does not mean that you can’t keep your love alive. You can still be as romantic and date each other just as much as when you were together. All you need to...

/ July 2, 2013