How To Get A Date On Valentine’s Day

valentines day date
valentines day date

Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is the day that all singletons dread. All around you are happy couples declaring their love for each other with grand gestures and extravagant gifts. You could simply ignore the whole thing and sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and DVD of Bridget Jones’ Diary and pretend the whole day isn’t happening. After all it’s just another day like any other right?

So why bother with Valentine’s Day at all? Well in face it’s probably the best time of year to be single! Many new relationships start on Valentine’s Day and you probably have more chance of meeting someone new at that time of year than any other. For a start more people are actually looking for a relationship.  Research suggests that sign ups at popular dating websites increase by around 30% in February. Evidence if ever you needed it that people just like you are actively looking for love around Valentine’s Day. So how do you get a date on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Make a shortlist – Your best bet is probably to think about people you already know who are single and are potentials suitors. You may have a crush on someone at work or a friend of a friend. Maybe now’s the time to get to know them a bit better and drop some subtle hints that you’re interested.
  2. Flirt a little – Guys and girls notice someone casually touching their arm when chatting or brushing past them flirtatiously. Exchange glances regularly (without becoming some kind of crazy person staring) and be sure to laugh at their jokes. Eventually they’ll pick up on the fact that you’re interested and hopefully ask you out.
  3. Be Sexy – Whether you’re male or female you want them to think you’re sexy. This doesn’t mean you should turn up half naked and flaunt yourself in front of them you just need to show that you’re sexy in a classy way. If you’re a women then a little skin doesn’t hurt just don’t go over the top. If you’re a guy then make sure you’re well groomed and well dressed.
  4. Get Set Up – If you’re struggling to think of anyone that you’re really interested in the ask your friends to set you up. After all they know you better than anyone and are often well positioned to find you’re a suitable date. Many a relationship started by being set up by friends so don’t rule it out.
  5. Join A Dating Site – As mentioned before memberships of dating sites increase by around 30% around Valentine’s Day. In the run up you’re sure to find lots of potential partners online. Online dating has never been more acceptable with more and more people meeting their partners online.
  6. Get Together With Friends – Who says you can’t spend Valentine’s Day out with a group of friends? They can be your date right? Get together for a meal or a few drinks and you never know where it might lead.
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  1. Great tips. I think with all of these tips, you can follow all these and add confidence to them and everything will flow smoothly. Confidence as far as speaking is concerned is the most attractive part as well as the strength of any conversation, whether one is addressing a group or a gathering, your friends or counterparts and most importantly the opposite sex, confidence is definitely the central part and thus paramount to a conversation.

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