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How to Stop Chasing and Start Dating Women

chasing women
chasing women

When it comes to chasing women, men seems to be pros at it and looks like some enjoy chasing forever without putting an end to it because the chase never ended up successfully or rather decently. This is the problem with most men, they think they make women feel they’re crazy after them and hence start the chasing game, but when the right time comes where there’s a ray of hope to go onto the next phase, (read introduction), they totally blow it up and this turns off the lady. It’s a true fact that women love attention but when men overdo it (happens mostly in the initial phases of a relationship), women just can’t stand it as they feel suffocated and need some breathing space. This is where guys fail to draw a line and often end up in unsuccessful attempts. Here are some ways which can help you to stop chasing and start dating girls, in actual terms:

Stop Chasing and Start Dating Women

Set the Bait

To let a woman know that you’re interested in her, you need to let her know that and for that you need to make the head start and make it obvious in a subtle way, without making a fool of yourself. Look around and see if any woman interests you. The moment you decide on one, stay focused and refrain from throwing side glances at other women, which show signals that you’re quite okay with anyone as long as it is a female. After making conscious efforts of letting her know that she’s being intently noticed by you, check for her body language cues such as touching hair, making frequent eye contacts and of course a smile. Once you discover these positive signs, it’s time you move quickly and approach her, rather than staying there and appearing like a stalking psycho who is just satisfied with visual attraction.

Shower Her with Attention

After you made the first move, try your best to keep the conversation as interesting as possible and ensure that the entire limelight and focus is one her, talking about her likes, dislikes, movies, etc. Although it’s quite tempting, please do refrain from talking about yourself, unless and until she asks you (this shows that she’s interested in you as well). Even if she asks you, just remember to be very brief and switch the topic back to things related to her. Once you think you’re quite settled in talking to her, offer to buy her a drink and be a gentleman.

Confuse Her

Once you’re done with this step, make conscious efforts to pretend as if you’re ignoring her. You must sound as excited as you can when she herself calls you and let her know as to what a nice time you’ve had with her the other day. After speaking for sometime, let her know that you have things to do and chores to attend to. This will make her long for you and talk to you more, a natural yet unconscious effort to feel wanted and desired.

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