Common Relationship Problems

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A couple who does not experience relationship problems is hard to come by. It is very rare that a couple’s relationship is smooth sailing and worry-free. Everyone wants and dreams of a perfect relationship. But, couples are aware that both parties have shortcomings and have different characteristics in personality and attitudes. Why do couples fight? What are the arguments all about?

Relationships that grow beyond years of difficulties and complications are relationships conditioned by time and are incomparable. Value relationships just like how you value your money or, you know, like something you actually CARE about! While it may seem hard to comprehend, relationships are tested and judged under the scrutinizing eyes of people around you. Surely, a relationship has its share of ups and downs, but it is up to you to stand strong and fight.


What are the most common relationship problems dealt by couples and partners? Here’s a list on relationship problems faced by couples today and their solutions:

  1. Communication is one relationship problems that is being taken lightly. The solution? Simply communicate regularly with your partner at anywhere, anytime.

  2. Money is the root of all evil, as they say, and it is true. Money can be a factor for couples to go on their separate ways.  Avoid such ordeal by being honest. After all, honesty is still the best policy.

  3. Sex and sexual desires is a common ordeal in couples. Some couples are not compatible sexually, that is why infidelity and adultery is a major problem most couples face. A partner should be faithful and loyal to his or her better half. Respect in one another is vital for the relationship to last a lifetime.

  4. Division of home chores is also a problem among couples. If couples are both working, the tendency is that they do not have enough time to do the chores assigned to them, and that is the start of a fight. The solution is easy: be organized and distribute the chores equally.

  5. Neglecting each other is also a problem couple’s face. Give time to each other; make your relationship a priority among others.

  6. Conflict between couples is part of every couple’s lives. Nobody is to be blamed but the couple alone when relationships almost fail. Conflicts arise because of differences in personality. But before it goes on the verge of separation, work out on your differences. One’s weakness may be the strength of the other. Bank on that, instead of fighting, let go of your pride and embrace the beauty of being together.

  7. Trust is also one common problem among couples. It is essential that you fully trust your partner. If there are issues about trust and honesty, point it out to your partner and work it out. You can only solve such issues if you are considerate, respectful and mindful of the things around you. No overreacting needed as it may just flare up the problem.

  8. Jealousy is healthy in some relationships, but for most relationships, this is a major problem. So to avoid such problem, do not lie to your partner. Do not assume and conclude easily. Be a good listener.  And most of all be sensitive of your partner’s feelings.

Relationships are worth fighting for especially if couples are madly in love with each other. Whatever the problem, be sure to talk it out with your partner. And most importantly seek help from those people who have experienced and survived the stages of a relationship crisis.

Jasmine is a freelance writer who has written many articles on relationship problems. She writes on behalf of GetHim2Day.

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Jasmine is a freelance writer who has written many articles on relationship problems. She writes on behalf of GetHim2Day.

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